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RVP stands for Run Values Points and is a way for Shadowhaven to ensure that run rewards to equal to each other. One RVP is equal to

Player run rewards are measured in RVP (Reward Value Points). They can be converted to

  • 4,000 nuyen
  • 8,000 nuyen worth of gear, if an NPC has the ability to obtain it at severe discount
    • Giving out gear above Availability 16 requires approval from a GM Deputy
  • 1 karma
  • 1 karma of positive qualities adequately roleplayed for (ie. at chargen cost if it's a run reward)
  • 1 Street Cred (max of 1 per run)
  • 1 Connection or 1 Loyalty for a new contact gained that run (ie. 7 rvp for a 4/3 contact)
    • Contacts rewarded can be public or private, but they must be shared (if connection changes or it dies for one character, it does for all the others who have it)
    • Contacts above Connection 6 require approval of the Thematics Department

Additionally, runs may award faction rep as per RAW rules (generally 1-2 per run) and this doesn't count against RVP.