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Version 0.5

ShadowHaven off table RPing is meant to be inclusive, satisfying, and entertaining. It is the responsibility of all members to maintain this culture and the moderators imperative to enforce it when necessary.

Basic rules

  • Please contact moderation should there be an incident in an RP room.
  • You are not there solely for your own entertainment, consider the enjoyment of others when engaging in RP. Disrupting others’ experiences will have consequences.
  • Please follow the basics of improv. Instead of saying “I grab his hand to shake” say “I offer my hand to shake”. Forcing others into actions is detrimental to all, so preface things before you go in.
  • Do not engage in non-consensual PvP, but also do not take this as an opportunity to harass other characters without fear of retaliation, doing so will incur the wrath of moderation.
  • The following must be resolved at a GM's table. Anything requiring the rolling of the initiative, physical and stun damage, firing of weapons, casting of spells that cause harm, mind reading, hacking of PC files, social conflict resolved mechanically, ect. Essentially, only roll on your own actions that do not directly impact another PC. That is perception, assessing, performance, ect. The GM takes responsibility for that scene and ensuring everyone is happening fun. The GM should be a neutral 3rd party.
    • There is an exception to the rule in order to allow sparring. However, when sparring, the participants must use training weapons or AR - along with personal protective equipment - to ensure the safety of all those involved. No one wants a runner killed in a training accident. This is specialized training equipment or commlink programs that can be rented for a negligible fee. The fluff of how the sparring is made so no stun or physical damage is taken doesn't matter. Nonlethal weapons PCs use are merely less than lethal. Gel rounds can kill in the right circumstances, for example.
    • This rule is why ShadowHaven RP is considered to not have consequences, because actions that have permanent consequences are disallowed outside a GM's table. Do not cause something disruptive by doing something that would normally carry weight in a runner's life during in an RP room.
  • For romance, please avoid doing such scenes when the room is filled with other people, they are allowed, yes, but please avoid doing it with others around. In addition, for others, if these scenes are done in an appropriate manner, please do not disrupt them.
  • Above all, you are here to have fun, not to make others uncomfortable

Canon Status of RP

  • RP is considered Canon
    • That said, simply talk to any thematics minion about retconning a scene. We are fairly liberal with retcons.
    • Scenes that have lasting impact are considered automatically retconned as they should not have happened in the RP Rooms. Please do not abuse this mechanic, it is in place to be lenient to honest mistakes and situations that progressed fast. It is not to be used to get around having to GM to observe actions which require a GM.

Formatting Guidelines

  • Actions and descriptions - Italics
  • When in the meat or on modern hosts: “Quotes” for Speech, <Angle Brackets> for Matrix Speech, [(Lang) Brackets] for other languages.
  • When on throwback chat rooms, Preface your message with your username. For example: Dani Califonia: Baby, what ya gonna?
  • When PMing other users follow this format: <<PM to Username(s): message contents>>
  • When speaking OOC, wrap your message in parentheses ((like so))