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"Look, removing the speed limit on a washing machine may sound like a good idea and it is, so try it."
Player [1]
Metatype Human
Street Cred 4
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 1
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. August 12th 2055
Folder [2]
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


R0B0H4TZ is manic and obnoxious. The only thing he does with any finesse is hacking, and that's it. While not necessarily an incessant talker, he only really stops spewing bullshit when someone he respects is talking or the situation has gone down the drain.


  • Find some useful and trustworthy Runners to work with, and hopefully avoid getting shot in the back while doing it.
  • Earn enough nuyen to afford another month of rent and food.


R0B0H4TZ was born in 2055 on the twelfth of august. He grew up in a hard working and impersonal blue-collar household in Tacoma with a strong "Work Hard, Get Rich" Attittude. He worked hard to get a scholarship and the slightest chance of catching the eye of any rich benefactor. During primary school he developed a keen interest in matrix development that lead him to pursue advanced classes and skilled tutors not offered by the public school. During most of primary school he never made any strong connections with anyone due to his blunt affect and unapproachable demeanor, but he didn't mind this much since he was happy being on the outside looking in. He's always enjoyed watching people, and it's very likely that it could have spilled over into his hobbies as an adult.

At age 14 he emerged as a Technomancer, which shook up his entire system. He dropped out of school of school much to his parent's chagrin, and left home to pursue less restricted life. He ended up joining a gang in Renton, and would assist them in robberies by disabling the security systems for them when they were robbing local businesses. R0B0H4TZ became fiercely loyal to the leader of the gang, whom he saw as a big brother. In the end the gang took advantage of his trust and left him to be arrested the moment they found the big haul. While he managed to escape the Security officers by hiding in the sewer maintenace tunnels underneath the building, he was still changed by the experience and went into isolation. This event caused him to take on a rambunctious, acidic, high energy personality with the requisite annoying drek eating grin. While an annoying brat, he usually won't pull a gun on someone without a good reason, or a good opportunity seeing as he is no gunslinger of any calibre.

For a few years he hid in an abandoned factory. playing AR Games day in and day out on the public grid. During this time he was discovered by a local manchild of a bookie by the name of Donny "Groundskeeper" Gardner, who inspired R0B0H4TZ to start doing odd jobs on his behalf and ensured that no one would know that he's alive, which would become the start of R0B0H4TZ shadowrunning career.

Despite running away from home at 14, he never really gives much thought to what his parents think happened to him since he's never had any urge to check in on them or even check what they're up to with a quick matrix search.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Go big or go home: "You drekheads underestimated me! Now I'm everywhere and I'll bring this entire host crashing down! I'm downgrading you all to the fragging stone age!"
  • Social Stress(Meatspace Interaction): He's not exactly one for talking in person, and the anxiety has a tendency to bring out his worst traits when he has to behave himself around "Real" people.
  • Nerdrage: "Yeah, you could easily beat the drek out of me, but from now on you won't be buying your morning soykaf so have fun trying to recover your password chummer!"
  • Lightweight: It's not easy being a lightweight because last time he drank more than two shots, he woke up in an alleyway without his pants, or any money for that matter.
  • Did you just call me dumb?: "It's not easy to stop yourself from calling someone an anachronism okay? Especially since they think it's a compliment, when in reality I am calling out their striking similarity to the neanderthals"

Run History

Tech Support Returns: "Humanis didn't expect a hacker to know how to edit basic turret protocol."

A Shadowrun Based on Barefoot Surrender's Sky Burnin Red: "Never...let...go...of...the...fragging...trigger until they're dead!"

You Won't Hear it on the Local Grid: "If some dissonant whackos really are able to crash grids with some drekky chanting, then killing them is the number one priority."





Orks Rights Commission - Reputation 2

Lazer Powered Cats - Reputation 3


In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures


Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 hit References to a Goblin Rock song released in 2067 called "Hats for Robots", but surprisingly some members of the band are still alive and are maintaing a small cult following.
2 hits A few articles on a cold case of a disappearance that happened back in 2069 when some kid from Tacoma went missing in the middle of the night, and while no one found any clues on what might've happened it was still inexplicably dropped in 2074.
3 hits Some trids made by a few different local low-popularity trid stars covering the urban legend of the "Tacoma Kid" and a lot of theory crafting on what might've actually happened to the kid, ghoul attack has become the most popular theory on the subject.

Around the same month that the case was dropped in 2074, came the first reports of a hacker calling themselves R0B0H4TZ. The reports claim that R0B0H4TZ had been using a 0-Day exploit to access the surveillance systems of multiple apartment complexes, and had then used the footage to blackmail the tenants of these apartments into paying his requested sum under the threat of as quoted by the victims, "Making you go viral like a superstar buddy." While there were upwards of a dozen victims, there was little to no coverage by any big media outlet.

4 hits An interview with a C-list pop idol in 2078, during which she describes the toxic nature of her relationship with her parents after the death of her brother and how suffocating family life was after the tragedy.

Reports from various information brokers that indicate an increased amount of activity from an anonymous individual referring to themselves as R0B0H4TZ between 2075 and 2080, they're assumed to be a low level cyber criminal or an up and coming street level shadowrunner.

5+ hits A list of notable things that the "Tacoma Kid" had on him when he disappeared: a Red Baseball Cap, a Commlink, and a limited edition "Hats for Robots" T-Shirt.

Contact information and Address of the parents to the missing "Tacoma Kid", currently they seem to be trying to petition the corp that handled the investigation of the case into re-opening it. Strangest of all it seems that while the entirety of the family are SINners and the couple is registered as having a son currently reported as missing, there still doesn't seem to be a record of said "Son" in any important database, nor are there any records of a "Son" ever being born in any of the clinics located in Tacoma.

Shadow Community Table


  • Fake SIN Rating 4: Robert Chen


A very short, asian man of slim build in his late twenties, with a slightly round face and weak chin that makes him seem younger than he really is. His black hair is a perpetual curly mess and his dark brown monolid eyes have noticeable dark rings around them. In general it would be quite easy to mistake him for a teenager, and his strikingly annoying smile doesn't do him many favors when it comes to avoiding punches.


An expensive electrochromic jacket proudly displays that R0B0H4TZ is ranked as the 987th best "Blades of Destiny 4" player, and when his t-shirt isn't proclaiming him the No.1 Stuffer Shack fan, it's playing Stuffer Shack advertisements. Except for the red stripes, his cheap black jeans really aren't much of a fashion statement, and his worn sneakers are little more than just a pair of old sneakers. On his head there is always a red baseball cap that he never seems to take off.

Matrix Persona


His matrix persona is a robot with a barrel shaped torso, arms and legs that look like flexible metal tubing, three metal spikes on each hand instead of fingers, rectangular blocks of metal for feet, lightbulbs for eyes, a 7-segment display for a mouth, and an antenna on his head. The robot is almost always wearing a red sorority jacket and an equally red baseball cap.

Media Mentions

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