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Creating a Character


Priority and Sum-To-Ten are the permitted character generation types.

Some players may earn a character slot that can use Prime Character Generation rules as reward for future charity events. Prime Character Generation is compatible with Sum-to-Ten.

Exotic characters like Metasapients and Infected are allowed but experience playing other things first is heavily recommended.

Certain qualities like Amnesia are allowed but have a lower priority to get approved due to the extra burden on the chargen staff.

Players are allotted 3 character slots. They may buy a 4th for 20 GMP, a 5th for 40 GMP, a 6th for 80 GMP and so on. When doing this, post a comment to your r/Shadowhavenchargen post with a tag /u/jre2 and /u/Nitsuj83 with how much GMP you spent. Extralife prime slots are exempt from this limit.

Players may purchase prime gen character slots at the cost of 100 GMP for their first purchase. Any additional slots cost an additional 100 GMP which is cumulative.


  • 1st PG Character Slot - 100 GMP
  • 2nd PG Character Slot - 200 GMP
  • 3rd Character Slot - 300 GMP, etc...

Prime Generation slots purchased through our charity events are exempt from this cumulative price. You must always mark on your characters wiki page the source of the prime gen whether that is something like our extra life events or if it was purchased.

Attributes at Character Generation

You can only have 1 starting attribute at one that is unaugmented unless your backstory fits having more lower. Generally, having multiple attributes at 1 leads to a poor gameplay experience and quick death of player characters. As such, the CharGen team will lead you away from the choice unless your backstory is exceptional. Sheets with this status will take more time to process.

Skill Specializations

You may purchase a specialization with skill points even if the rank (or ranks) in the skill were purchased with karma.

Lifestyle Location Advisement

If your character's primary lifestyle is located outside of the city the mission takes place in and you lack a rail pass that is connected to the mission city, you will likely incur transportation fees and fatigue before runs, at GM discretion. The cost of a plane ticket between two cities is half the distance between the two cities in kilometers plus 100 nuyen.

Seattle is connected, via rail, to San Fransisco.


Initiations are not permitted at chargen. Nine Paths of Enlightenment (Page 140, SG) , Asceticism (Page 141, SG), Familiar (Page 142, SG), Hermit (Page 142, SG), Sacrifice (Page 142, SG), and Thesis/Masterpiece (Page 142, SG) initiatory ordeals are banned. Metaplanar Quest (Page 140, SG) and Deed (Page 141, SG) a run focused around them. Geas (Page 142, SG) requires explicit Thematics approval from the Thematics Head or one duly deputized by the current Thematics Head. Geas must also be noted on the PC's wiki page in a separate section so GMs can easily interact with them.

Required Contacts

All PCs must have a fixer.

Minimum Age of PCs

ShadowHaven has minimum ages for PCs. My will follow in the in-canon age of consent set by Evo which accounts for how each metatype develops. The minimum age for PCs will be 10 for orks, 14 for trolls, 16 for humans and dwarves, and 18 for elves. Metavariants will have the minimum age of their base metatype.

Submission Cool Down

There is a 7 day waiting period between approvals of a player character.

Social Skills

The council has ruled to officially recommend, but not require, at least 4 etiquette dice. Having low dice pools in etiquette can lead to difficulties on runs. The council will be unsympathetic if negative events happen in a run due to a low etiquette dice pool.

Maintaining a Character

Skill Training

Improving a Single Skill, without a Trainer
New Skill Level Training Time Cost
1 1 Day 0 nY
2 2 Days 0 nY
3 3 Days 0 nY
4 4 Days 0 nY
5 7 Days 0 nY
6 14 Days 0 nY
7 28 Days 0 nY
8 42 Days 0 nY
9 56 Days 0 nY
10 70 Days 0 nY
11 84 Days 0 nY
12 96 Days 0 nY
13 110 Days 0 nY
Improving a Single Skill, with a Trainer
New Skill Level Training Time Cost
1 0 Days 1000 nY
2 1 Day 1500 nY
3 2 Days 2000 nY
4 2 Days 2500 nY
5 4 Days 3000 nY
6 7 Days 4000 nY
7 14 Days 8000 nY
8 21 Days 12000 nY
9 28 Days 16000 nY
10 35 Days 20000 nY
11 42 Days 30000 nY
12 49 Days 40000 nY
13 56 Days 50000 nY
Improving a Group Skill, without a Trainer
New Skill Level Training Time Cost
1 2 Days 0 nY
2 3 Days 0 nY
3 5 Days 0 nY
4 6 Days 0 nY
5 11 Days 0 nY
6 21 Days 0 nY
7 42 Days 0 nY
8 63 Days 0 nY
9 84 Days 0 nY
10 105 Days 0 nY
11 126 Days 0 nY
12 144 Days 0 nY
Improving a Group Skill, with a Trainer
New Skill Level Training Time Cost
1 0 Days 1500 nY
2 2 Days 2250 nY
3 3 Days 3000 nY
4 3 Days 3750 nY
5 6 Days 4500 nY
6 11 Days 6000 nY
7 21 Days 12000 nY
8 32 Days 18000 nY
9 42 Days 24000 nY
10 53 Days 30000 nY
11 63 Days 45000 nY
12 74 Days 60000 nY


Increasing an Attribute takes a number of weeks equal to the new Attribute Rating minus the Metatype Minimum.

Combined Training

Attributes and skills can be trained simultaneously, whether doing multiple skills (as per LOG/2) or skill groups.

Qualities Post Character Generation

Players are allowed to purchase positive qualities outside of character generation. However, you must either get approval from your GM if you want to buy one on or after a run, or you can submit a request in the most recent downtime rolling thread and tag any of the current council members for approval. GM's and Council reserve the right to deny a quality if it doesn't appear to make sense for the character or what they did to achieve it, however GM's are highly encouraged to work with players to come to an arrangement.

Day Job

To represent the effect of Day Job, a multiplier is applied to required time for all downtime activites, such as skill or attribute training, learning martial arts, and intitations.

No change is made to income.

Day Job multiplier
Fame None National/Megacorp Global
Day Job 1 1.5 1.5167 1.55
Day Job 2 1.667 1.7 1.8334
Day Job 3 2 2.0667 2.1667

Resubmit Rules

At any given time, a player may choose to resubmit an approved character for a respec or full rebuild. The resubmitted character must go through approval process again. The character can keep run rewards from one previous run it was on, before the resubmit. It loses all other run rewards, initiations, metamagics, post-gen gear, etc. The character's GMP cap also resets back to 10 (1 run). Any GMP invested into the character is refunded. A character may be resubmitted as a Prime gen character (should the player have an open prime slot).

Approved Books

We don’t use anything that is German Exclusive Content. We also do not use the 2050 books.

  • Assassin’s Primer
  • Battle of Manhattan
  • Bloody Business
  • Book of the Lost
  • Bullets and Bandages†
  • Chrome Flesh
  • Cutting Aces
  • Data Trails
  • Dark Terrors
  • Forbidden Arcana
  • Gun Heaven 3
  • Hard Targets
  • Howling Shadows
  • Lockdown
  • Rigger 5.0
  • Run and Gun
  • Run Faster
  • Sail Away, Sweet Sister
  • Shadow Spells
  • Shadowrun 5th edition
  • Shadows in Focus: Butte
  • Shadows in Focus: San Francisco
  • Shadows In Focus: Sioux Nation: Counting Coup
  • Splintered State
  • Stolen Souls
  • Street Grimoire
  • The Complete Trog
  • The Seattle Gambit
  • The Vladivostok Gauntlet

† Only sections titled "New Qualities" on page 11-12, "New Drugs, Toxins, and Pathogens" on pages 19-21, "New Spells and Powers" on page 21-22, and "New Gear" on pages 22-23.

ShadowHaven Houserules and Custom Mechanics


The default is for players to choose their contacts from the already made public contacts. We additionally allow, as an option for the die hards, to create and stat out your own contact. Shadowgrid uses a custom contact system you can read about here.

Note: If you create your own contact you can temporarily not stat it out right away at the penalty of not being able to use it. If the GM asks/lets you use it anyway, the assumed dice pool for their primary skill is Skill = Connection * 2 + 2.


We allow Ghouls, Vampires, Gnawers and Banshees on ShadowHaven. PCs are not sterile, so your teammates may be extra cautious around you.


AI are not permitted for PC use.

Banned Qualities

The following qualities are not permitted for characters to have:

  • Amnesia: Neural Deletion
  • Apt Pupil (Page 32, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Better to be Feared than Loved
  • Consummate Professional (Page 17, Assassin's Primer)
  • Dead Emotion
  • Dracoform (Any)
  • Elemental Focus (Page 191, Hard Target)
  • Friends in High Places
  • Human Lifespan (Page 188, The Complete Trog): Having a human lifespan can be done for free as a fluff decision.
  • Hung Out to Dry
  • Illusionist (Page 37, Forbidden Arcana)
  • In Debt
  • Immunization
  • Latent Dracomorphosis
  • One of Them
  • Pregnant
  • Puppet Master (Page 39, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Revels in Murder
  • So Jacked Up
  • Tough and Targeted

Playtest Qualities

This quality is approved, but with the understanding it may be removed after 1 to 3 months of testing. Refunds will be addressed should the feature need to be removed. We ask players and GMs to write their experiences with this quality in the Topics for Discussion so it may be studied.

  • Death Dealer
  • Pacifist Adept
  • Shock Mage
  • Stalwart Ally
  • Taboo Transformer

Altered Qualities

  • Adept Healer (Page 31, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Adept Healer does not function on drain damage.
    • Damage transferred by this ability will count as drain, and as such, cannot be transferred by further instances of this power, or healed by anything other than rest.
  • Amnesia: Surface Loss
    • You are allowed to take this however you should be aware that since chargen has to create your knowledge skills for you as well as creating a backstory, that these character submissions can take longer than normal. While the chargen department should do everything within their power to make the backstory and knowledge skills reflect the rest of the character that has been created that it is ultimately up to the chargen department to pick these so you may not necessarily like what you end up with. The quality works as written in every other way, if a knowledge skill you have on the list is brought up in a run you can spend 2 karma to learn an additional rank and unlock the knowledge skill for later use as well. Backstory can only be discovered as part of a public or private run and the GM has more or less free reign to edit in your backstory as they see fit.
  • Animal Familiar (Page 31, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Animal Familiar requires you to purchase the animal as normal, then perform the Animal Handling + Charisma [Social] (12, 1 week) test as outlined in attune animal, to function.
    • As stated in the RAW, this does not apply to Awakened animals.
  • Alchemical Bombmaker (Page 31, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Alchemical Bombmaker is limited to a number of increases in drain equal to your alchemy skill rating divided by 4, rounded down: Once at rating 4, twice at rating 8, three times at rating 12.)
    • Can only be used with combat spell preparations.
  • Alchemical Armorer (Page 31, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Alchemical Armorer is required to learn the Alter Ballistics (p51) preparation. It has no other effect.
  • Arcane Bodyguard (Page 32, Forbidden Arcana)
    • As per page 48 of the Core Rules, "A Note on Rounding", round the dice you can use on yourself up
  • Arcane Improviser (Page 32, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Requires 4 spells (not preps) from each category, excluding rituals.
    • Does not allow you to perform rituals you don't know, nor does it allow you to make preparations that you do not know, or fulfill requirements related to knowing spells.
    • The 1/week limitation will be altered to 1/run for ease/simplicity of bookkeeping
    • You must meet all the prerequisites to cast the spell, or otherwise be able to learn the spell (meaning no banned spells, and no spells that you wouldn't be able to take otherwise.)
  • Archivist (Page 32, Forbidden Arcana)
    • This will only work with the following knowledge skills: Magical Theory, Magical Threats, Magic Traditions, Magical Groups, Magical background, (Appraising of) Magical Goods, Manasphere Studies, Astral Topography, Talismongering, Thaumaturgy and Arcano-Archaeology. More may be added to this list by requesting approval from the Council.
  • Astral Bouncer (Page 32, Forbidden Arcana)
    • This will only identity the following positive qualities: Home Ground (Astral Acclimation), Spirit Champion, Spirit Whisperer, Spirit Affinity, Mentor Spirit, Witness My Hate, Astral Chameleon, Elemental Focus, Focused Concentration, All Adept Ways, Magic Resistance, Arcane Arrester, Astral Hazing and all Mastery Qualities.
    • This will only identity the following negative qualities: Astral beacon, Code of Honor: Harmony with Nature: The Shaman’s Code, Spirit Bane, Spirit Pariah, Reduced (Astral Sight)
    • In addition a to Initiate Grade and Adept Powers, Astral Bouncer determines a certain Metamagic from an Initiate Grade, not an Initiate Power.
    • Edge can not be determined.
    • Physical and mental attributes can not be determined.
    • It is up to GM Discretion which aspects get revealed.
  • Barehanded Adept (Page 33, Forbidden Arcana)
    • This will not work with a spell learned with adept spell
    • These spells will not work on yourself. Further, the target must be attacked.
    • This will only work with touch combat spells and touch health spells tagged "Negative"
  • Black Forest Native (Page 188, The Complete Trog)
    • You do not require this quality to be from The Black Forest
  • Chain Breaker (Page 33, Forbidden Arcana)
    • New spirit types are restricted to UMT spirits (Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Man, Beast, Guardian, Task, Plant, Guidance)
  • Chosen Follower (Page 33, Forbidden Arcana)
    • The following options are removed from the list of benefits: ‘Learn two spells or rituals.’ & ‘Improve a magical active skill from rank 1 to rank 3.'
  • College Education (Page 145, Run Faster)
    • This quality is incompatible with the Uneducated (Page 87, Core) Quality
  • Community Connection (Page 188, The Complete Trog)
    • Can only be taken by orks/trolls and metavariants of those
  • Dark Ally (Page 35, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Only spirits that are not toxic or blood related which PCs normally have access to can be chosen.
  • Death Dealer (Page 35, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Note that the maximum bonus from this quality to melee damage is +1, regardless of the rating of the quality, as per RAW.
  • Dedicated Conjurer (Page 33, Forbidden Arcana)
    • New spirit types are restricted to UMT spirits (Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Man, Beast, Guardian, Task, Plant, Guidance)
  • Dependent
    • Some addictions are better suited with the Dependent quality, and thus we recommend its use instead for alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, video games etc. Speak to your Chargen Minion to see if the Dependents or Addiction quality applies.
  • Durable Preparations (Page 36, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Durable Preparations stacks with Practiced Alchemist (p39, FA), effectively changing the duration before a prep begins to degrade to (Potency x 6) hours.
  • Elemental Master (Page 36, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Elemental Master will only work with the natural elements; Air, Earth, Fire, or Water. Electricity is not a valid choice.
    • Elemental Master does not apply to damage received from drain.
  • Dual-Natured Defender (Page 36, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Dual-Natured Defender is a free action to activate, and free action to deactivate.
    • Dual-Natured Defender only functions on your innate dual natured quality, such as that from being infected. Any other sources of Dual Natured, such as Channeling a Spirit, or being in an Astral Rift, are unaffected, and do not qualify you for the quality.
    • The duration of having this quality active rounds up to the next minute for purposes of determining how long it can be used for before losing magic, essentially making it so that it is always used in one-minute chunks.
    • Rather than simply cease Astral Perception, Dual-Natured Defender will temporarily cause you to not count as a Dual Natured being while active.
  • Missile Deflector (Page 38, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Missile Deflector requires a successful Missile Parry (p310. CRB) interrupt, followed by the Counterstrike Adept Power (p170, SG) interrupt, for a total of -10 initiative to use. Rather than the normal effects of the Counterstrike Adept Power, when this ability is used, it will allow you to make a normal simple action thrown weapon attack against any valid target, with all appropriate modifiers, using the object you have caught.
  • Nasty Trog (Page 188, The Complete Trog)
    • Can only be taken by orks/trolls and metavariants of those
  • Pacifist Adept (Page 39, Forbidden Arcana)
    • The Notoriety restriction on Pacifist Adept is removed, due to the possibility of gaining Notoriety via peaceful means such as refusing to do a job when you realize it involves murder, or similar.
  • Restricted Gear
    • May not be used to get Deltaware or Milspec armor.
  • Revenant Adept (Page 40, Forbidden Arcana)
    • If used, note the date used on your character's wiki page along with a link to the run where it was used on.
    • Revenant Adept works until it's cleared all the damage that Regeneration can clear, you've died, or the run ends. This means that having one box of drain does not allow you to have Regeneration indefinitely.
    • Revenant Adept does not take an action, even a reaction, to trigger. It can be used while unconscious or in physical overflow. This can be done in reaction to an attack, and the user does not need to be aware, in character, to do this.
  • Shock Mage (Page. 40, Forbidden Arcana)
    • “Electricity based skill” shall be at least 1 Electricity Based Spell including [Electricity] Grenade, Ball Lighting, Lighting Bolt, Interference and Pulse.
  • Spell Jammer (Page 40, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Spell Jammer is not affected by Mana Barriers, but is affected by background counts.
  • Spirit Hunter (Page. 40, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Spirit Hunter will cancel any sustained powers, and prevents the use of any active powers, with the exception of Materialization.
  • Skinwalker (Page 40, Forbidden Arcana)
    • The pelt for a mundane creature will cost 50% of the price of purchasing the critter itself, and has an availability equal to that of the critter. Prices and availabilities can be found at Animal Availability.
  • Spectral Warden (Page 40, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Binding replaces summoning for the initial summoning tests made by a Spectral Warden, but they must bind the spirit immediately after summoning, the spirit cannot be used for any other purposes before they are bound.
  • Sprawl Tamer (Page 41, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Sprawl Tamer interacts additively with our existing house rules (Effectively adds another +1 modifier to the number of tricks a critter can learn.)
  • Technical School Education (Page 150, Run Faster)
    • Incompatible with the Uneducated (Page 87, Core) quality.
  • Trog Traitor (Page 189, The Complete Trog)
    • Can only be taken by orks/trolls and metavariants of those
  • Uneducated (Page 87, Core)
    • This quality is incompatible with the College Education (Page 145, Run Faster) or the Technical School Education (Page 150, Run Faster) qualities.
  • Vexcraft (Page 42, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Suppress focus is a simple action, and can be used from either the astral or physical, if you have line of sight on an active focus.
    • Grounding focus is a complex action, and can be used from either the astral or physical, but requires both the focus to be eligible to target, and the owner to be eligible to target. This means you can only use this ability to damage a dual natured, or purely astral target, if you yourself are astral, for example.
    • Counterspelling does not apply to the defence test, but power foci do, as does the force of any mana-barriers between the caster and the defender.
  • Worship Leader (Page 42, Forbidden Arcana)
    • The GM has final say on if enough people can be gathered. Regarding group contacts, organized crime groups and gangs tend not to worship. One must have the Rank quality in any religious order.

Altered Spells

  • Comet (Page 50, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Comet does not ignore armour specific elemental resistances (Specifically, fire resistance.)
  • Altered Ballistics (Page 51, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Alter Ballistics can also be used on arrows & bolts, as well as bullets, but not area of effect explosives such as rockets or grenades, or other “ballistic” weapons such as darts, thrown weapons, or tasers.
    • Alter Ballistics requires Alchemical Armorer to learn, and can only be made into a preparation, not cast as a spell.

Banned Spells

Everything involving Blood, Bug, and Toxic Magic is restricted to NPCs.

The following spells are unavailable to Player Characters:

  • Convert Blood to Ichor
  • Convince (Page 189, Stolen Souls)
  • Growth (Page 49, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Inflict Disease
  • Multiply Food (Page 50, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Plague Cloud
  • Rot
  • Pollution and Radiation spell, adept powers, etc.
  • Shape [Material] (Page 118, Street Grimoire)

Banned/Altered Infected Powers

  • Paralyzing Howl (Page 399, Core Rulebook)
    • Paralyzing howl is banned for PC infected characters (Banshees specifically). Beast spirits summoned/bound by PCs may still use the power, as can GMs.

Play Test Spirits

These spirits may be removed or modified after 1 to 3 months of testing. Refunds will be addressed should the feature need to be removed. We ask players and GMs to write their experiences with this quality in the Topics for Discussion so it may be studied.

  • Wild Spirits (Page 177, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Details about the Spirit and the Status must be documented on the wiki. Player does not have any say in the powers or force.
  • Vehicle Spirits (Page 180, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Details about the Spirit and the Status must be documented on the wiki. Player does not have any say in the powers or force.

Altered Mechanics

  • Mana Strike (Page 102, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Mundanes/Magicians cannot use One Trick Pony to Mana Strike.
  • Mana Choke (Page 102, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Mundanes/Magicians cannot use One Trick Pony to Mana Choke.
    • Damage is resisted as drain. Body + Willpower for Adepts and Mundanes, Willpower + Drain Attribute for Magicians and Mystic Adepts. This damage cannot be healed by anything other than rest.
  • Mentor's Mask (Page 182, Forbidden Arcana)
    • The negative affect to Magician abilities from a Mentor’s Mask will make it possible to detect sustained spells with numinous perception, due to their mentor’s mask manifesting.
    • Mystic Adepts, if they take a Mentor’s Mask, get the type of Mask bonus dependent on the bonus they receive from their Mentor Spirit (IE: If they took the Adept bonus from their Mentor Spirit, they get the Adept Mask, and if they took the Magician bonus from their Mentor Spirit, they get the Magician Mask.) The negative effect of a mentor’s mask applies to all aspects of their magic usage that have a force (Both their adept powers, and magician abilities.)
    • The choice to have a Mentor’s Mask is made when a character acquires a Mentor Spirit. If they later switch Mentor Spirits, they get to make the choice again. If, for any reason, they lose their Mentor Spirit, they no longer have the advantage, or disadvantage, of a Mentor’s Mask.
    • You may obtain or remove your Mentor’s Mask by paying 20 karma without ‘losing’ your Mentor. (Effectively buying off the Mentor, then buying it again.)
    • There is no way to hide a Mentor’s Mask, there is no way to hide it.
  • Blood Crystals (Page. 132, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Restricted to NPCs.
  • Dive Attack (Page 190, Howling Shadows)
    • When taking the Dive Attack action you also take damage equal to the number of meters fallen, as appropriate. This rule will apply to GMs as well.

Banned Mechanics

  • Pharmaceutical Drug Grade (Page 190, Chrome Flesh)
  • Customizing Drugs (pgs. 190-192 Chrome Flesh)
  • Updated Raw Reagents (pg. 188, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Refined Reagents Uses (pg. 188, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Street Grimoire uses still allowed
  • Radical Reagent Uses (pg. 188, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Street Grimoire uses still allowed
  • Spirit Leashing (Page 182, Forbidden Arcana)

Banned Mentor Spirits

Planar Entity




Altered Traditions

  • Traditionalist Traditions (Pages 60-91, Forbidden Arcana)
    • If you take a Traditionalist or other special path, it is a Paradigm Shift to leave said path. Your Initiation count cannot 'restart'. If you missed the Initiation for the level 1 gain, it is missed.
  • Norse (Page 68, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Godi/Runemaster: Durable Preparations means that the time until Potency starts fading is changed to Potency x3 hours rather than the standard x2 and then an additional doubling. This does not stack with the Durable Preparations quality.
    • Cunning Woman: Can only be taken by a Magician, Mystic Adept, or Aspected Spellcaster.
    • The Berserker Adept Power is banned.
  • Path Of Pariah (Page 85, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Pariahs are allowed to pick a drain stat out of charisma, intuition, or logic. For their second initiation, disregard the requirement to take the opposition metamagic.
  • Elder God Magic (Page 78, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Traditionalist is NPC-only.
  • Planar Magic (Page 87, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Traditionalist is NPC-only.
  • Romani (Page 90, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Only traditionalists are allowed on ShadowHaven.

Playtest Traditions

These traditions may be removed or modified after 1 to 3 months of testing. Refunds will be addressed should the feature need to be removed. We ask players and GMs to write their experiences with this quality in the Topics for Discussion so it may be studied.

  • Traditional Black Mage (Page 60, Forbidden Arcana)
    • You do not receive Animal Familiar for free.
    • Flight Skill equal to Force only.
  • Ancestor Shamans (Page 74, Forbidden Arcana)
    • You receive the Channeling Metamagic at Initiate Grade 5 instead of 2.
  • Tarot (Page 91, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Hybrid Traditions (Page 101, Forbidden Arcana).
    • Must be clarified on the character's wiki for approval

Banned Traditions

  • Necro Magic (Page 82, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Draconic Tradition (Page 76, Forbidden Arcana) - Draconic Tradition is only permitted for the use by Drakes, which makes it de facto banned on the ShadowHaven.

Altered Metamagics

  • Harmonious Defense (Page 46, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Harmonious Defense does require the user to Astrally Perceive to be used. If you do not have an innate way to perceive astrally, you must take the astral perception adept power.
  • Harmonious Reflection (Page 46, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Harmonious Reflection requires the user to be Astrally Perceiving, similar to the Reflect Spell.

Banned Metamagics

  • Paradigm Shift: Insect Shaman (Page 43, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Paradigm Shift: Toxic (Page 44, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Spirit Expansion: Shedim (Page 44, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Predator Feast (Page 44, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Soul Tether (Page 131, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Spiritual Sacrifice (Page 131, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Quickening (Page 326, Core Rulebook)

Playtest Metamagics

These metamagics may be removed or modified after 1 to 3 months of testing. Refunds will be addressed should the feature need to be removed. We ask players and GMs to write their experiences with this quality in thr Topics for Discussion so it may be studied.

  • Tarot Summoning (Page 45, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Noble Sacrifice (Page 56, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Must have line of sight to allies to work.

Banned Arts

  • Geomancy (Page 143, Street Grimoire)

Banned Rituals

  • Calling (Street Grimoire, Page 126)

Altered Mage Archetypes

  • The Elementalist (Page 43, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Aspected magicians, Full Magicians, and Mystic Adepts may be Elementalists. You must choose to be an Elementalist at character generation.
  • The Hedge Witch/Wizard (Page 43, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Aspected magicians, Full Magicians, and Mystic Adepts may become Hedge Witches/Wizards. You must choose to be a Hedge Witch/Wizard at character generation.
  • The Null Wizard (Page 43, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Aspected Magicians, Full Magicians, and Mystic Adepts may be Null Wizards. You must choose to be a Null Wizard at character generation.
    • The ‘Conjuring’ skill will be added to the list of skills they cannot take.
    • A Null Wizard receives the ‘Spell Resistance’ adept power, at a rating equal to initiate grade.
  • The Seer (Page 43, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Aspected magicians, Full Magicians, and Mystic Adepts may be Seers. You must chose to be a Seer at character generation.
  • The Apprentice (Page 47, Forbidden Arcana)
    • An Apprentice can only select UMT spirits (Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Man, Beast, Guardian, Task, Plant, Guidance)
  • Mystic Adept Alterations (Page 47, Forbidden Arcana)
    • Mystic Adepts must choose one of the three magical groups (Enchanting, Sorcery, Conjuring) which they will lose access too.
    • Mystic Adepts do not gain the ability to Astrally Perceive without purchasing the Adept Power to do so.
  • The Explorer (Page 47, Forbidden Arcana)
    • An Explorer can take Metamagics/Enhancements/Focused awakened as an Aspected magician.
  • The Aware (Page 49, Forbidden Arcana)
    • An Aware can take Metamagics/Enhancements/Focused awakened as an Aspected magician.

Banned Items

The following items are not permitted for use:

  • Gammaware
  • Omegaware
  • Noizquito
  • Crucible (Page 193, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Drain Away (Page 195, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Laminate (Page 196, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Lightning Blade (Page 199, Forbidden Arcana)
  • Medusa Extensions (Page 147, Cutting Aces)
  • One Shot Dart Gun (Page 91, Chrome Flesh)
  • Official Emergency Vehicle attribute modifier (Page 187,197 Stolen Souls)
  • Painade (Page 135, Cutting Aces)
  • Pheromone Detection (Page 144, Cutting Aces)
  • Shaman Tuxedo (Page 143, Cutting Aces)
  • Renfield (Page 128, Hard Targets)
  • Smuggling compartment (Dwarf, Human, Elf, or Ork) (Page 186, Stolen Souls) (We only use the Rigger 5 smuggling compartments on ShadowHaven)
  • Smuggling compartment (Troll) (Page 186, Stolen Souls) (We only use the Rigger 5 smuggling compartments on ShadowHaven)
  • Yerz Kit (Page 187, The Complete Trog) (Use ‘Yerzed Out’ from Page 171, Rigger 5.0)

Altered and Clarified Items

These items function differently or have added clarification than what is stated Rules As Written.

  • Atomizer (Page 193, Forbidden Arcana)
    • An Atomizer has an Accuracy of 3, and Concealability of +0, uses the skill Exotic Weapon (Atomizer) with a range array of 0.1/0.25/0.5/1 meters. The Atomizer takes a Complex Action to reload, and requires a Simple Action to fire.
    • The preparation used with an Atomizer will trigger on a valid target after firing (i.e., a living aura, similar to a contact prep).
    • The Atomizer itself will function as the lynchpin for breaking sustained spells (i.e., if the Atomizer is broken, the spell will drop.)
    • An Atomizer cannot take accessories or modifications.
  • Antenna Grill (Page 184, The Complete Trog)
    • Requires implanted cyberdeck/commlink or a living persona.
    • Can only be taken by characters with tusks (Orks, Trolls, people with implanted tusks, etc.)
  • AR Enhanced (Page 138, Cutting Aces)
    • Creation of your own is permitted only on-table at GM discretion and shall not be carried off the table on which they were created. AR Fashion can be assumed to be part of your lifestyle at the following levels, or may be paid for seperately at the listed prices. Casual is included in Low Lifestyle, Business in Medium Lifestyle, Formal in High Lifestyle, and Designer in Luxury Lifestyle.
  • Chemical Glands (Page 112, Chrome Flesh)
    • Gradual Release has been banned
      • Permitted drugs for use in Chemical Glands are:
        • All drugs in the Core Rulebook are permitted. BTLs, as noted below, are excepted.
        • All drugs in Chrome Flesh, with the following exceptions, are permitted: Cereprax, Hurlg, K-10, Nightwatch, NoPaint, Sober Time, and Soothsayer.
        • No magical compounds, awakened drugs, or BTLs.
        • No contact vector only drugs.
        • All drugs in Boston Lockdown are permitted, with the following exception: Numb.
  • Nemesis Arms Praetorian (Page 134, Cutting Aces)
    • Accuracy code should read 4(5), not 4(6).
  • Ghost Box (Page 141, Cutting Aces)
    • This does not function like the spell Trid Phantasm, it gives merely a sense of unease and a floater like affect in the eye. The most using this device will give is social modifiers.
  • Horn Compartment (Page 185, The Complete Trog)
    • In order to take this option one must have a horn.
  • Osmium Mace (Page 185, The Complete Trog)
    • Requires two hands to wield.
  • Tailored Perfume/Cologne (Page 143, Cutting Aces)
    • The use of these are permitted, but only one application can be used effectively. If an additional, unique Tailored Perfumes/Colognes are applied while another is still active, all effects from all Tailored Perfumes/Colognes are negated. Additional applications of the same perfume or cologne do not have any effect.
  • Subliminal Subacoustics (Page 146, Cutting Aces)
    • Emotions that fit are GM discretion, and their decision is final.
  • Vault of Ages (Page 193, Forbidden Arcana)
    • A Vault of Ages can hold (Rating x 2) preparations, each of which can have a maximum force of (Rating x 2)
    • Vaults of Ages have a maximum rating of 5
    • A Vault of Ages a size dependant on rating, as defined by the following table:
Rating General Size
1 Belt Pouch
2 Satchel
3 Backpack
4 Duffel Bag
5 Minifridge/Safe (Vehicle Portable)

Mystic Adepts and Ways

Mystic Adepts will be held to the RAW restrictions on their metamagics. This means that they can, by default, only take metamagics from the Undecided Way. In order to take metamagics outside of this, they must take another Way. In order to access metamagics such as Channelling or Centering, or any other "magician" metamagic, they will have to follow The Magician's Way, which permits them to take any non-adept metamagic they qualify for. This precludes them from accessing any other way and has a barrier to entry (in the form of the cost of joining the Way.)

Custom Items and Mechanics

Sustained Spells

In order to pass off a spell to a spirit to be sustained, the spirit must be within line of sight and within Remote Service range. In order to continue sustaining a spell of any variety on their summoner or any other target, they must remain within remote service range of that target, however, line of sight is not an ongoing requirement.

Example: Awful Weight, a mage, just received a serious wound and retreats behind a brick building while his earth spirit and a street sam on his team engage an Ares Company man. He could keep fighting, but the armor increase reaction spell he is sustaining is taking its toll. In order to pass it off to his spirit, he orders it to disengage and move to behind the brick building. After the transaction is complete, he orders it to hide in a building a few blocks away.

Melee attacks and Immunity to Normal Weapons

Immunity to normal weapons no longer counts as hardened armor, merely regular armor, against melee weapons or unarmed attacks

Addiction Rules

Each time you take an addictive substance, you will immediately make an addiction test. For psychologically addicting drugs, the test will be Logic+Willpower+(11 - Drug's Effective Addiction Rating)+(other modifiers.) For physiologically addicting drugs, the test will be Body+Willpower+(11 - Drug's Effective Addiction Rating)+(other modifiers.) For drugs that are "Both", the test will be the worse of your two dicepools for the above. If you fail the test, you immediately suffer the effects of a failed addiction test. As it is not an action, you may not Smackdown the test.

Rigger Houserules

One may utilize any of their choice of Intuition or Reaction for tests relating to vehicles and drones that call for either, and their choice of Logic or Agility for tests relating to vehicles and drones that call for either, when one is in VR.

Acquiring gear under availability 12

Gear at or under Availability 12 can be purchased without rolling or paying a finder's fee. This is done at the base delivery time, if you wish to find the item faster, the player may roll.

Repairing Vehicle Damage and Vehicle Destruction

It will cost 5% of the vehicle's total cost to heal all boxes instead of the repair cost listed in the book. It will cost 5% to rebuild your drone/car after filling all boxes and totaling your vehicle. Your vehicle may be rebuilt if you can recover it. In some cases, a gm can rule a vehicle unrecoverable (lava, explosives, sinking to the bottom of the sea) in which can you can burn edge to recover your unrecoverable vehicle.

Techno Errata

The Fade Values for Complex Forms is -3 from their printed values.

There is also a priority table change (P. 65, core. - Priority Table) for Technomancers, change the number of Complex Forms in each row as follows:

  • Priority A: Increase from 5 Complex Forms to 7 Complex Forms.
  • Priority B: Increase from 2 Complex Forms to 4 Complex Forms.
  • Priority C: Increase from 1 Complex Forms to 3 Complex Forms.

In the Magic or Resonance column in the priority table (P. 65, core. - Priority Table) for Technomancers, change the number and type of skills in each row as follows:

  • Priority A: Change from 'two Rating 5 Resonance skills' to 'three Rating 5 skills from Resonance, Electronics, or Cracking skill groups'.
  • Priority B: Change from 'two Rating 4 Resonance skills' to 'three Rating 4 skills from Resonance, Electronics, or Cracking skill groups'.
  • Priority C: Change from none to 'three Rating 2 skills from Resonance, Electronics, or Cracking skill groups'.

The Cost for Submersions are 10+(grade x 3) Karma.

Critter Tricks

All animals are able to learn LOGx2 tricks, with domesticated animals able to learn LOGx3.

Health and Edge Between Runs

Your PC will fully recover health and edge between runs unless the GM tells you the run occurs in the same pocket universe as the previous run.


After a run, you may convert karma into Nuyen (Working For the Man), or vice versa (Working For the People) at a ratio of 4000nY to 1 karma. This can be done up to 5 times per run. For example, your initial rewards for a run are 7 Karma and 10,000nY. You Work For the Man, converting 5 karma into 20,000nY, making your final rewards 2 Karma and 40,000nY.

In any case, you must document this on the page for the run in the rewards section. If you have a quality that taxes income, apply to tax to the initial amount you earn.

Burner SINs

Players may buy burner sins and associated licenses at the same availability, but with 20% of the cost. These SINs expire after 1 week and may not leave the session they were bought in. They may have rating 1 through 6.

Item Name Availability Nuyen
Burner Fake SIN (Rating 1-6) (Rating*3)F Rating*500 nuyen
Burner Fake License (Rating 1-6) (Rating*3)F Rating*40 nuyen

Burning out as a Mage

Effective immediately, any character whose current Magic Score reaches 0 is treated as burnt out. They permanently lose access to all magical abilities, the ability to raise their magic score, and any other features deriving from Magic. This brings Magic in line with Resonance. Any characters whose Magic score was 0 prior to Jan 31, 2018 are grandfathered, and may still raise their Magic score, assuming their maximum magic is above 0.

Deltaware Acquisition

For mundane PCs, there are no restrictions on getting deltaware. The awakened require thematics approval to get deltaware.


Take the dice pool and divide pool for a given spell by the number of times splitting, round up. Thus, if you cast 3 spells, each with a pool of 18 normally, you'd get 6 dice each. If you cast 2 spells and one had a pool of 20, and the other a pool of 14, the first would cast with 10 dice and the second with 7.

Optional Rules In Effect

  • Mentor's Mask (Forbidden Arcana, Page 182). See clarification in the Altered Mechanics section.


Gear at or under Availability 12 can be purchased without rolling or paying a finder's fee. This is done at the base delivery time, if you wish to find the item faster, the player may roll.

You can upgrade (paying only the difference in cost) anything that has a rating, as well as cyberdecks and rigger control consoles, and any cyberware or bioware.

You cannot purchase Mil-Spec armor without a private run and the GM running that game getting thematics department approval.

You can't purchase items with availability above 19, unless it is upgradable (ie, has a rating). You also may not acquire deltaware of any availability. The exception to this is:

  • You can't purchase Foci over Availability 19, even though they are otherwise upgradable and have a rating.


You can upgrade (paying only the difference in cost) anything that has a rating, as well as cyberdecks and rigger control consoles and any cyberware or bioware.

Banned Lifestyle Options

Hotel California (Page 226, Run Faster)

Misc. Lifestyle Rules

Runners may share residences but when it comes to lifestyle costs every runner must pay the full 100% of their lifestyle costs. Lifestyles are not simply just an apartment but they factor many other things into it as well from food, entertainment, and other essentials. So while we allow people to room with other runners you will receive no discount.

Traveler Lifestyle (Page 218, Run Faster)

When you pay rent or at character generation, roll on this table to see what options your Traveler lifestyle gets. If you have an idea for this table, feel free to send it to Leadership.

Traveler Lifestyle Table
Die Result Name Location Comforts and Necessities Security Neighborhood Assets, Services, and Outings
1 Crusher 495 Community Outreach Shelter Redmond 2 2 2 Bat Cave (Sociology), Sports Court (Small, Basket Ball)
2 R@-Pack Hacker Den Redmond 2 2 2 Global Grid Subscription (Ares), Global Grid Subscription (NeoNet),Global Grid Subscription (MCT), Local Grid Subscription (Seattle), Bat Cave (Computer Science), Bat Cave (Matrix Design)
3 Redmond Public Pool Supply Shack Redmond 2 2 2 Swimming Pool
4 Redmond Public Pool Supply Shack Redmond 2 2 2 Swimming Pool
5 YMAC, Puyallup Puyallup 2 2 2 Swimming Pool, Gym, Sports Court (Small, Handball)
6 Underworld 93 Store Room Puyallup 2 2 2 Patron of the Arts(Underworld 93)
7 The Fish & Chips Hole, Shadowrunner Hangout Puyallup 2 2 2 Zen Den(Shadow Community, AROs of runners on the walls), Armory, Shooting Range, Local Bar Patron, Walk-In Freezer
8 The Fun Zone Arcade Redmond 2 2 2 Zen Den(Arcades)
9 Ghoul gang (Lunatic Horrors of Afterlife) Sewer hidout Redmond 2 2 2 Indoor Arboretum, Subsistence Hutning/Gathering Rating 2, Escape Tunnel Rating 1
10 Nuno Implants United Cleanrooms Tacoma 3 2 2 Cleaning Service, Cleaning Serivce (Mage Sensitive), Cleaning Service (Pollution Sensitive)
11 Alan's Refurbished Flooring, Shadowrunner Hangout Aurburn 3 2 2 Discreet Cleaning Service,Discreet Deliveryman
12 Recently abandoned factory Tacoma 3 2 2 Yard
13 Radioshack Renton 3 2 2 Merchandise: Goods (Radio Shack PCD-500)
14 Smuggling Tunnel Puyallup 3 2 2 Private Room, Merchandise: Used Goods (Aztech Striker), Escape Tunnel Rating 4
15 Islander Motel Outremer 4 2 2 Garage (Boat), Local Grid Subscription (Seattle), Merchandise: Goods (Mitsubushi Waveskipper), Merchandise: Goods (Kawasaki Manta Ray)
16 U-stor-it Climate Controlled Storage Snohomish 4 2 2 Garage (Small Car)
17 Quick Rest Coffin Motel Ork Underground 4 2 2 Indoor Arboretum, Local Grid Subscription (Seattle), Global Grid Subscription (Evo), Escape Tunnel (Rating 1)
18 Sailor's Heart Motel Everett 4 2 2 Zen Den (Maritime culture), Global Grid Subscription (Wuxing)
19 Evergreen Ranch Snohomish 2 3 2 Zen Den (Animal Husbandry)
20 Into The Shadows, Theme Restaurant and Motel Downtown 2 2 4 Bat Cave (Secuirty Design), Shooting Range
21 Phase Shift Cybercafe and Motel Downtown 2 3 2 Bat Cave (Matrix Law),Patron of the Arts(E-Gaming @ Phase Shift), Global Grid Subscription (Aztechnology), Global Grid Subscription (Ares),Global Grid Subscription (Horizon), Global Grid Subscription (Sader-Krupp),
22 Island House Outremer 4 3 2
23 Ballyhoo Family Campground Renton 2 4 3
24 Hotel Firangipani Bellevue 2 4 2
25 North Star Lodge Auburn 3 4 2
26 Swiss Holiday Resort Outremer 4 4 2
27 Harpers Ferry Guest House Everett 3 2 3
28 LANcity Cybercafe and Motel Auburn 2 2 3 Zen Den (Trid Games), Global Grid Subscription (MCT), Global Grid Subscription (Shiawase),Global Grid Subscription (Horizon), Global Grid Subscription (Sader-Krupp), Global Grid Subscription (Renraku)
29 Bywater Bed & Breakfast Bellevue 3 2 3
30 Radisson Hotels & Resorts Everett 2 3 3
31 Cousin's Country Inn Fort Lewis 3 3 3
32 Higgins Beach Inn Ork Underground 3 3 3
33 Heritage Manor Outremer 2 4 3
34 Thunderbird Motel Renton 3 4 3
35 Loveless Cafe Downtown 4 4 3
36 Back Ground Count Motel Snohomish 4 4 3
37 Castamere Motel Tacoma 4 4 3 Zen Den (Medieval Literature)
38 Whispering Pines Cottages Auburn 2 2 4
39 Inn On Church Street Bellevue 2 2 4
40 Country Inn-Somerset Everett 2 2 4
41 Huntington Country Inn Fort Lewis 3 2 4
42 Hexagon House Bed & Breakfast Outremer 4 3 4
43 Budget Host Renton 2 4 4
44 Aztec Motel Downtown 3 4 4
45 Lucas Palace, Luxury hotel Downtown 4 4 4 Manservant/Maid - Servant


The development of these house rules benefited from discussions with and content generated by the staffs and members of EmeraldGrid, Runnerhub, Adem Koebel's Mathsquad Community and ShadowNET. Further insight was gained by referring to the Shadowrun Missions rules.