Philosophy of Ballistics

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Philosophy of Ballistics
Part of Dance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story
LocationBlake Island


An unknown entity (Ares, very well insulated) hired a group of runners to do some product testing, using provided equipment to flush out a "gang presence" in a defunct military base on Blake Island.


The runners met at a well hidden very secure warehouse. They were met by a typical sleazy car salesman type corp type, and directed to a conference room, they accepted and were met by an excited gnome - Fizzy. They were directed to the center of the warehouse where they were given and briefly briefed on the gear they were receiving. 3 Hovering Assault Platforms 1 Sniper Rifle 1 Control Rig (J.I.R.A.M. - Jumped In Response Assault Machine) A mech. 1 Heavy Machine Gun 1 Set of Goggles


The runners played their role perfectly, sufficiently wound up and given fun toys they shot first and asked questions later, annihilating the presence on the island, unleashing mech and sniping hell with the support fire of a heavy gunner, who in turn called down an orbital weapon strike.


The island presence was brutally eliminated. It turns out that the "presence" were Firewatch soldiers, as the defunct military base had be taken over by Firewatch as training facility for training and drilling elite members. Ares, attempting to sever the Firewatch division paid the runners to do exactly what they did - shoot first and ask questions never. Ares released a cover up news story.


24,000 Nuyen 3Karma

Player Character