Peter Solemnus

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Peter Solemnus
Contact Owner Darklordiablo
Connection 2
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Service
Faction The Order of the Delayed Calamity
Location Seattle, Probably
Metatype Human
Gender Male
Age Younger than he looks
Preferred Payment Method Favors
Hobbies/Vice Gambling
Personal Life In Hiding from Corporations...
Aspects Chaos Mage
Augury and Sortelige
Divination Methods
Hard to Reach
Ritual Spellcaster
Divination Interpreter


Peter Solemnus is a Professional Soothsayer, a man who has spent his entire adult life honing and performing his ability to scry and comprehend the future.
He spent many years forced to perform for corporate interests, until his rescue by Haven runners working for The Order of the Delayed Calamity in late 2080.

He now works to predict and forestall the dark futures that the Order combats, although he is willing to ply his skills in the shadow community, almost exclusively in exchange for mysterious favors, which he always makes good use of.


Aspect Description
Hard to Reach As part of a secret organisation, Peter often goes off the grid for prolonged periods of time. This results in him being rather challenging to get hold of.
Always do an availability test for this contact with their connection +3 than normal.
Wanted Due to the fact that Peter is a valuable asset to whichever corporation has possession of him, several powerful corporations have valuable kidnap bounties on his head.
This contact has a bounty of up to 50,000¥ on his head, offered separately by many different corporations.
Chaos Mage Peter Solemnus follows no specific tradition, and often struggles to believe he is capable of any magic other than divination
Peter can perform magic
Ritual Spellcaster Peter has spent many years studying the fine details of his art, the skillset spreading over to ritual magic in general
+2 to Ritual Spellcasting
Augury and Sortelige Peter's life is divination. This Ritual is how he makes his livelihood, and the source of his value
+2 to performing the Augury and Sortelige ritual
Divination Methods Peter is adept in many forms of divination. While he prefers to cast with dragonbones for their accuracy, he is knowledgeable of just about every form of the art.
+2 to Divination Methods knowledge tests
Divination Interpreter The understanding of a scrying is just as important as the scrying itself. Peter's advanced knowledge of the many scrying practices make him extremely adept at determining their meaning.
+2 to Arcana tests for interpreting the Augury and Sortelige ritual


Knowledge Checks 6 + Loyalty + Aspects
Active Checks 10 + Loyalty + Aspects
Gear Acquisition Checks 2 + Loyalty + Aspects
Networking Checks 0 + Loyalty + Aspects


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Service +
The Order of the Delayed Calamity +
Male +
Hard to Reach +, Wanted +, Chaos Mage +, Ritual Spellcaster +, Augury and Sortelige +, Divination Methods +  and Divination Interpreter +
Peter Solemnus +
Seattle, Probably +
Human +
Soothsayer +