Perfect Authentic Cadence

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Perfect Authentic Cadence
Contact Owner Purkinje
Connection 5
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Custom(G,A,K,N)
Location Puyallup, Seattle
Metatype Troll
Sex Unknown
Age Unknown
Preferred Payment Method Cash (Credstick)
Hobbies/Vice Personal Grooming (Fashion)
Personal Life Unknown
Faction Streets of Puyallup
Aspects Monad
Medical Gear
Street Doc


"Perfect Authentic Cadence" refers to a certain chord progression in music theory in which a piece ends on what is considered aesthetically pleasing to the classical ear. P.A.C. themself is a mysterious troll full-body replacement with extensive, obvious cyberware they take care to maintain looking as exotic and inhuman as possible. Their name suggests they see themself as part of some harmony, or perhaps as part of a proper ending. Either way, they seem to have a strange understanding of how to acquire all manner of medical technology - especially cyberware. This is contrasted with a strange difficulty they have practicing medicine under pressure, and an even stranger difficulty they have explaining why they know so much. Given enough time, they will come back with an encyclopedic knowledge of answers to various medical questions, however. All this and a strange proclivity toward nanotechnology have led people to figure out they are a monad, and so no one in the community at large trusts them.


Aspect Description
Monad This contact is infected with CFD. Because no one trusts them and they have difficulty understanding metahumans, they may not be used for networking tests. They may also have trouble providing information from knowledge skills or performing active skills as the GM sees fit based on this naivete, which could incur a dice pool penalty or disallow the test in extreme cases.
Cyberlimbs +2 to tests involving cyberlimbs.
Cyberware +2 to tests involving cyberware.
Geneware +2 to tests involving geneware.
Medical Gear +2 to tests involving medical equipment, consumables, etc.
Nanotechnology +2 to tests involving nanotechnology, such as nanoware, nanocybernetics, or nanogear.
Pharmaceuticals +2 to tests involving drugs.
Street Doc +2 to tests involving the practice of medicine, the acquisition of biotech & augmentations, and knowledge thereof.

Dice Pools

Knowledge Checks 5 + Loyalty + Aspects
Active Checks 9 + Loyalty + Aspects
Gear Acquisition Checks 13 + Loyalty + Aspects
Networking Checks 3 + Loyalty + Aspects


Player Characters with this Contact

Dog of the Ditch1Even

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Custom(G,A,K,N) +
Streets of Puyallup +
Unknown +
Monad +, Cyberlimbs +, Cyberware +, Geneware +, Medical Gear +, Nanotechnology +, Pharmaceuticals +  and Street Doc +
Perfect Authentic Cadence +
Puyallup, Seattle +
Troll +
Cybersurgeon +