Patriots First Bank

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Patriots First Bank
Big hoop bank
Connection 3
Type Bank
Player joinability? No
Health Maintaining
Location Seattle

Faction Information


Founded in 1957

Achieved A rating in 2032

Patriots First Bank (PFB) is an A rated bank based in Guam. They primarily deal with the North American continent, but have services in Germany, Australia, Japan, and Poland. While they hold many services and account types for people of all incomes and statuses, the most relevant one is Double Black Diamond (DBD)

Double Black Diamond info:

DBD is an invite only account thats reserved exclusively for powerful politicians (ex. Brackhaven), big name celebrities, and large business owners/executives (AA at minimum). One of the perks offered to these people is Shadowrunner services, they go through insert contact and front 50% of the team's pay (minus expense accounts, down payments, etc), and "contact" will arrange a team. The requests can be whatever the bigwig wants, as long as they pay.


  • Maintain growing profits
  • Maintain anonymity for their DBD clients
  • Grow to AA status

Major Locations

Dededo, Guam (Main Headquarters)

Seattle, UCAS (UCAS Headquarters)

Atlanta, CAS (CAS Headquarters)

Warsaw, Poland (Europe Headquarters)

Tokyo, Japan (Japan Headquarters)


Pedro Price, Guam

Ricky Clay, UCAS

Ann Choi, CAS

Iwan Kwiatkowski, Europe

Riku Tsukasa, Japan



Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank (Professional relationship)

DocWagon (Primary insurance provider)

Knight Errant (Primary security provider)


Current Status

Maintaining, trying to acquire corps in other industries.

Health Summary




Not Player Joinable