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drone cowboy
ex-Humanis turned meta-coyote
"Get in, time to jam!"
Player [1]
Metatype Troll (Minotaur)
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. 2049
Folder [2]
Priority CCEAC

Character Information



  • Rattle is a Confederate minotaur smuggler and getaway driver.
  • Rattle was a child of prominent Humanis supporters in the CAS.
  • Rattle was born a human, but underwent goblinisation during the Year of the Comet.
  • Rattle was abandoned by his family and adopted by a metahuman streetgang.
  • Rattle worked as a wheelman for the underworld.
  • Rattle partnered with a fellow street ganger Spaceship Harriet to help smuggle refugees.
  • Rattle caught the attention of the Confederate DDI for his refugee works.
  • Rattle is physically imposing and looks like a go-gang enforcer.
  • Rattle loathes the Humanis and is committed to metahuman equality.
  • Rattle is a passable brawler, but otherwise unskilled in physical combat.
  • Rattle spends most of his time jumped into a vehicle or another while on a run.


  • Short-term: Evade the authority; make new connections.
  • Mid-term: Assist the persecuted; get better rides.
  • Long-term: Bring down the Humanis.


Rattle was born William Griffith “Junior”. to a prominent Confederate anti-metahuman family. His grandfather William Griffith Sr. was one of the founding members of Humanis Policlub. And his mother Linda McAdoo is also a popular pundit for the anti-metahuman cause. They were a fixture in the local Humanis circles and family events. Along with his two younger siblings Bessie, Edward, and Thomas, Junior was immersed in the racist values of his family, which he embraced full-heartedly.

The young William fell ill to unknown sickness when he turned 12. Bedridden for 3 months, his convalescence coincided with the passage of the the Halley’s comet during the Year of the Comet. The SURGE affected all of the Griffith children: Edward developed thermographic vision and arcane resistance, Bessie gained a glamourous aura and a ogren digestive system — though nobody actually noticed, while Thomas experienced traumatic deformations to his heart that soon resulted in his death. But Junior’s transformation was the most dramatic: he emerged from his sickbed a fledgling troll.

The metamorphosis granted William the constitution to quickly recover from the illness, but also permanently damned him in the eyes of the Griffiths. In denial initially, his parents sought medical help to “treat” Junior’s “conditions”. But after the horns grew back the third time, it became clear that the “symptoms” were permanent and cannot be reversed. At loss and deeply conflicted, the Griffiths were finally driven to disown the boy. They smuggled him to the Dallas-Fort Worth megaplex and abandoned him on the the outskirts where SINless metahumans frequent. As they expected, Junior was soon picked up by a roaming gang of metahumans.


Calling themselves the “Caboozers”, the streetgang gave Junior food and shelter. They gave him the nickname “Rattle”, but didn’t exactly go out of their ways to make his life easy. For his part, Junior still harboured racist prejudice against the metahumans. He could not understand his own changes and his parents’ rejection, and grew resentful of the world and the gangers around him. As his body quickly matured due to the latent goblinisation, he struggled to cope with the new reality.

The Caboozers was a loosely organised gang centered around a derelict trainyard. They were a mish-mash of metahuman fugitives and Aztlaner refugees, with a constantly rotating membership as members move onto better lives elsewhere. The gangers mainly worked as mules and fodders for the Caribbean crime lords and the local mobs. To earn his keeps, Rattle had little choice but to follow along.

After several years of living and working alongside the gangers, Rattle gradually came to understand the universal humanity of all metahumans. He finally rejected the human-supremacist values he grew up with, and committed himself to the relief of the plight of metahumanity. Besides running errands for the underworld crime bosses, he teamed up with a fellow Caboozer “Spaceship” Harriet, a prodigious vehicle mechanic, and started devoting his spare time and resources to trafficking metahuman fugitives.

Their operations inevitably attracted the attention of CAS authorities — not least from the Confederate DDI, Department of Domestic Investigations. To evade their grasp, Rattle and Harriet left the CAS themselves, moving their base to Wichita. Later on, following better opportunities, they moved to Denver, then Cheyenne, and eventually to Seattle. There, Rattle came in to work briefly with the go-gang Spikes, while Harriet was able to leverage past contacts to establish herself as a vehicle dealer. Parting ways with his old partner, he starts on a new path as a solo runner in the Sprawl’s shadows…

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Dealer Connection: drones, groundcraft
  • Speed Demon
  • Stealy Eyed Wheelman
  • Vehicle Empathy
  • Driven: metahuman equality
  • Favored (common, biased): metahumans
  • Prejudiced (specific, radical): Humanis

Run History

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  • “Spaceship” Harriet - Connection 3, Loyalty 4 - Vehicle dealer (replaced with public contact above)
  • Conductor of the Hub - Connection 2, Loyalty 2 - Drone dealer (replaced with public contact above)




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  • Sojourner Northup (4)


Built like your typical troll, Rattle is tall and robust. Thick blond beard covers his chin, and his tauran horns protrude prominently from his forehead. He is typically garbed in rugged synth-leather favoured by Confederate go-gangs. His appearance often gives offs the false impression of being a physical brawler, but his muscles are used more for lifting machines than pummeling heads.

Matrix Persona

A cowboy straight out of a spaghetti western, complete with a bellowing cigarette.

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