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XXX {Shadow Service}
Contact Owner [1]
Connection 4
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Fixer
Location Redmond, Seattle
Metatype Troll
Sex Male
Age 29
Preferred Payment Method Service (Shadowrunner Job)
Hobbies/Vice Drinking Hurlg, Collecting Superhero Comic Books
Personal Life In a Relationship
Faction DocWagon


A connoisseur of superhero comic books and wanna-be sidekick whose day job is working as a dispatcher for DocWagon. Fortunately, this allows him to support Ballista in her crusade to rid the city of crime.

Aspects Description

  • Dispatchers' Union: Overwatch is a member of the Seattle Dispatchers' Union, which allows him to network more easily with other people in similar professions.
  • DocWagon: Overwatch has extensive knowledge about the inner workings of DocWagon.
  • Superhero Fan: Overwatch follows all real-life superheros in the media in Seattle as closely as possible.
  • Wanna-be Sidekick: Overwatch will go above-and-beyond if it means helping out someone he sees as heroic.


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