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Magical Archer
Stealth, Magical Support, Alchemy, Red Mage
Player [1]
Metatype Nocturna
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. ???
Folder [2]
Metatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - C
Resources - E

Character Information


Nodi is a mystic adept who specializes in alchemical archery, beast spirits, and stealth. He can not spellcast but can summon and do alchemy.


Make up for his misdeeds and gain self-mastery.


Nodi grew up as in the wilds of the northern NAN states, always an outsider because of being born as a night one to normal elvish parents. The wild was his playground, and he learned to hunt and survive in the wilderness from an early age. His awakening marked him as a truly great hunter among his tribe, even if he was an outcast, and it blessed him with abilities beyond those of his tribesman. This period of his life was relatively tranquil, but it was not too last.

While out on a hunting trip, all by himself, he was suddenly caught up in a manastorm which caused him to SURGE. Mana has a funny way of changing the body. The SURGE seemed to tune into his magical tradition, Red Magic, and make him more bestial in nature. His black fur, standard for a Nocturna, changed to match the mixed grey patterns of a wolf and grew somewhat thicker. His skin turned pure white, like that of a wolf which lacks skin pigment due to their fur, but it is difficult to see under his fur. He however was luckier then some who SURGE because that is where the physical changes end. He grew faster and stronger, but lost some of the more civilized parts of himself. Moreover he now feels a connection to a place where he dwells for a time and animals recognize him as the predator he is instinctually. Prey animals turn in terror, and other predators view him as competition.

That said the real tragedy was that the transformation was so painful as it occured that the beast in him took over for a time, and in a blind desperate rage he slew a party of other hunters he stumbled upon (big regret). He sprung upon them unaware and easily dispatched the group with his new and existing power. It was in this moment that the Firebringer took pity upon him, and embraced him. This embrace returned him to his senses, to his great shame and regret. The storm and the wilds made the crime easy to cover up, but the shame remains. He could not return to his people, in his own mind, and so he fled.

The subtle urging and guidance of the Firebringer led him to Seattle, where he might do some good to ease his troubled soul and learn to harness his newfound power.

Narrative Significant Qualities

SURGE III: He looks like a mostly normal Nocturna, except for thicker fur that resembles the mixed grey patterns of a great wolf and his mannerisms are slightly more bestial.

Big Regret: He slew a group of hunters in a blind senseless rage while going through his SURGE due to the pain. He wasn't really in full control of himself, but he feels great shame for it.

Critter Spook: Animals instinctually recognize him as an apex predator. Prey species may flee in terror and predator species see him as a competitor.

Warrior's Code: Nodi is an apex hunter/predator. So when hunting a beast, stealth and lethality are observed. However, when fighting metahumans his culture dictates that lethality from stealth is cowardice. He will strike from the shadows if need be, but not kill.

Give Help When Asked (Firebringer): The Firebringer saved him from himself and the mind-shredding effects of his SURGE. As such, in penance of his deeds and out of respect for the Firebringer, he must help others who approach him sincerely in need.

Run History

  1. The Great Die Off (Part 1)







In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

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R4 Drez Kessler


Meat Space

Nodi is a 1.9m (6ft), 77kg (170lb) Nocturna with striking white skin and unusual wolf hair.


Matrix Persona

Default Nixdorf Sekretar

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