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Archetype: Face
Former Company Man forced to go Runner.
Metatype Elf
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. August 5th, 2046
Folder [2]
Metatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - A

Character Information


Alex was born in Rhode Island, 2046, to a loving family who provided him with a corporate education with Fuchi. As Alex grew up, Fuchi became Novatech, and Novatech became NeoNet. Alex excelled in the fields of business, political sciences, and sports throughout his education, and it was not long before recruiters had seen the potential in him. After graduation ( he didn't even get to go to the party!) he was taken to a special training facility somewhere in the UK that taught him how to be a company man. How to watch for traitorous employees, how to kill them, how to protect assets, how to deny them, how to deal with Shadowrunners, and also how to kill them. Alex was promised a luxurious life upon the end of his training, and he was assigned to Boston in 2068. The next eight years of his life brought him money, power, and luxury within the corporation, and Alex couldn't get enough. Unfortunately, the lockdown happened, fortunately, he was dealing with some runners in Wales while it was happening. Alex's branch was consumed by CFD, and as a result Alex's records were "misplaced." His SIN was effectivelyl useless, his funds drying up fast, and his corporate townhouses, safehouses, and other resources were denied to him. Alex, frustrated that all of his wealth and success had been taken from him by either carelessness or betrayal, refused to seek employment at a different corp, and instead decided to, ironically enough, run the shadows.


-Make Money

-Earn back his reputation

-punish any possible betrayal he may have suffered.


Former Company Man turned Shadowrunner due to being fired from his branch. Now he runs the shadows to make money with his skillset.

Narrative Significant Qualities

- Ambidexterous- Nighthawk learned to handle both of his pistols in either hand at a young age, his alphaware cyberarms also help with that!

- College Education- NeoNet wouldn't let one of their assets not have a college education!

- First Impression- Years of working with wageslaves has allowed Nighthawk to develop a routine repertoire with people.

- Creature of Comfort (Middle)- Nighthawk grew up in corporate housing, while he can rough it, his definition of roughing it is a medium lifestyle.

- Did You just call me dumb?- While Nighthawk is coy, he sometimes gets caught up in his skill and superiority, insulting others.


Run History



  • Marion - Connection 6, Loyalty 1 - Fixer
  • Vanessa Pierce - Connection 5, Loyalty 1 - Steet Doc
  • Betty White - Connection 4, Loyalty 3 - Lawyer
  • Jenavieve Vivanti - Connection 6, Loyalty 1 - Ms. Johnson
  • Carly "Cat" Reeves - Connection 4, Loyalty 2 - Journalist
  • Miguel Rivera - Connection 2, Loyalty 1 - Cleaner
  • Christian Woods - Connection 4, Loyalty 2 - Drug Dealer




Arch-conservatives are pissed at him

In Character Information

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Matrix Persona

A man in a longocat with a 40's fedora.

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