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This metaplot deals with the unfortunate Mr. Toshi Nakamura, a brilliant drone designer who has gained the attention of many big players who believe his talents can be best applied elsewhere.



The Jorogumo Drone

Shiawase is Mr. Nakamura's home corp and quite frankly where he would like to go back to working thank you very much. Under them, he developed the Jorogumo drone, a state of the art military spec combat drone. This drone was destroyed in the events of New Opportunities.


  • Recover Mr. Toshi Nakamura.
  • Regain all lost information on the Jorogumo drone.


Currently holds Mr. Nakamura, their intelligence made them aware of a window of opportunity to acquire Mr. Nakamura as an asset in New Opportunities, where a team was hired to bring him into the Wuxing family. Mr. Nakamura is currently being reconditioned to be happy with his new work.


  • Reprogram Mr. Nakamura and exploit his talents.


Saeder-Krupp has its eyes on Mr. Nakamura, and had hoped to gain information about his Jorogumo drone. This was thwarted however, and they are resolved to try plan B: Acquire Mr. Nakamura and ask him themselves.


  • Acquire Mr. Nakamura for themselves.


New OpportunitiesTeksura24 November 2080