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Metatype (Elf)
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D.O.B. January 1st 1970
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Metatype - X
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Magic/Resonance - X
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Character Information


NeoWolf is a Elf who dedicated his life to drones and considered them his only friends and other races he disliked because of bad childhood.He uses an anthrodrone that is him because he always wished to have a metal body,body that would allow him to live much longer but the closest he could achieve with current technology is just controlling an anthro drone not transfering his own mind into one.He became a Shadowrunner because he had no other way of earning money,nobody wanted a worker who would always come in a drone instead in person and because he never had a SIN since birth so he had to live underground in the shadows.


NeoWolf does not have any goals really but he does wish to have a metal body someday so he could live longer,best he can do about that for now is to contribute to science and learn more about well everything.


Same as his brother NeoWolf was interested in technology specifically drones.At age of 12 he was already fixing drones at the nearby junkyard and concidered them his only true friends and actual beings instead of mindless machines.He was never liked by others because he never hanged out with anyone of his age nor he wished for any social contact and after some time he started disliking humans because of their nature.At age of 14 he did not want to use his human body to do everything because he considered it fragile and easy to break but he also wished to live longer but since he did not like using cybernetics to enhance his own body he decided to start using an anthrodrone that would represent him,be him becuase drones were the closest he could be to longer and different life.After some time NeoWolf joined the Shadowrunners to survive because nobody wanted to hire someone who comes to work with a drone and not in person but another reason was that he never had a SIN since his birth so he had to live in the shadows and work underground.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Run History

2072.7.17.-Katy Perry-Swish Swish P.1-High risk run-copy of the chip,24 667 nuyen,3 karma



Mr. Incognito- Fixer, Connection 2,Loyalty 5

Mike Malone- Swag(Mechanic),Connection 5,Loyalty 2

Harvey Sanders- Shadow Services(Infobroker),Connection 4,Loyalty 3




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Mortimer of London:Berwick Suit Mortimer of London:Greatcoat Coat

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