NCL School for the Gifted

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NCL School for the Gifted
NCL Logo.png
Technomancer School (Shadow Services)
Here to help teach technomancers how to survive and thrive, and how to use their powers. Founded by Loss and Night Claws
Connection 1
Type Technomancer School (Shadow Services, can probably serve as a Sensei contact for Electronics, Cracking, and Tasking)
Player joinability? Yes (Must be techno to actually join, but all are welcome)
Health Maintaining
Location Laser Powered Cats, somewhere in Seattle

Faction Information


A Technomancer school started by Loss and Night Claws in an attempt to help other Technomancers discover the extent of their abilities, learn to survive, and also provide some good PR for Technos. It is a safe space where all are welcome and Technomancers of all ages are encouraged to come and learn how best to survive and utilize their powers safely.


  1. Teach Technomancers how to survive, and use their abilities.
  2. Provide a safe space for Technomancers to hang out and chill, and just be their Techno selves.
  3. Try and prove to the world that Technomancers are people too, and that they aren't to be feared simply for being different.
    1. Minor sub-goal of potentially helping other marginalized groups gain recognition, but that's a long way off.
    2. Seek out and secure Resonance Wells

Major Locations

  • Laser Powered Cats (They're letting the school stay there for now.)


  • Loss
  • Night Claws



  • Laser Powered Cats


  • Anyone who wants to hunt Technomancers.
  • Dissonant Technomancers.

No established faction as of now.

Current Status

Health Summary

Just starting out, but doing well! The Physical location of the School is in an Apartment building in Redmond, where some rooms are occupied and used for education. Mainly however the School relies on its rouge Host which is only visible by invite. the Host is not bound to a location. (Maintaining)





Name Position Favors Owed/Owned
Loss Co-founder/Teacher Even
Night Claws Co-founder/Teacher Even
Purkinje Member Even
Queen Member Even
Hybrid Member Even