N0v4 H0t

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N0v4 H0t
Contact Owner Dusk
Connection 6
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Shadow Services
Location Touristville, Seattle
Metatype Dwarf
Awakened/Emerged Technomancer
Sex Female
Age 26
Preferred Payment Method Nuyen
Personal Life Unknown
Faction Shadowhaven
Special? Yes


Maggie grew up SINless. Despite being a dwarf she was raised by an ork foster family who happen to find her, as a baby, in a dumpster. She was never really into hacking, but she thoroughly enjoyed matrix games and that is what she spent most of her time doing. She was 12 when she got hit by the crash 2.0, while playing some matrix games. Having survived that, a few months later, she emerged. Not having much of knowledge regarding actual hacking, she never really could become a proper hacker. Instead she earns a living by renting out sprites and the sprites seem to do a damn better job than many hackers can.


  • For a price, Nova will rent you a sprite of your choice that will last you for 1 run. eg: She can put in an L6 machine sprite into your smartgun that'll give you +6 dice up to your ranks with that gun, which will last for that run only. Price is: 500 nuyen X Level of sprite. You also get a 10% discount for every point of loyalty beyond 1 (50% discount at loyalty 6).
  • N0v4 H0t is a follower of Archivist (The secret keeper) and thus will not destroy data.

Key Dice Pools

Compiling: 10 (Ranks) + 2 (Machine Sprite) + 5 (Resonance): 17

Registering: 10 (Ranks) + 2 (Machine Sprite) + 5 (Resonance): 17

Decompiling: 10 (Ranks) + 5 (Resonance): 15

Stat Block

B A R S C I L W Edge Essence Resonance
3 2 2 3 4 5 5 7 1 6 5
Condition Monitor 10+4 (Physical), 12 (Stun)
Limits Physical (4), Mental (7), Social (6)
Initiative 7+1d6
Skills Tasking (Compiling, Registering, Decompiling): 10 (Machine sprite, Machine sprite), Software: 1 (Complex forms)
Knowledge Skills English: N, Or'zet: 6, Matrix: 5, Matrix Threats: 5, Matrix Games: 5, Underworld: 5, News: 4
Complex forms Static veil, Static bomb, Resonance veil, Resonance spike, Puppeteer, Cleaner, Editor, Infusion of [Willpower], Pulse strom, FAQ, IC tray, Misread marks
Gear Lifestyle (Medium, Extra Secure), Savalette Guardian, Fake Sin Rating 5, Steel Lynx*2 (Ares alpha mounted), MCT Fly-Spy, Fairlight Caliban, CompuForce Taskmaster, Autosofts (Evasion, Maneuvering, Stealth, Clearsight, Targeting: Ares alpha)
Armor Berwick dress, Argentum Coat
Vehicles GMC Bulldog


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Facts about "N0v4 H0t"
ArchetypeShadow Services +
Connection6 +
FactionShadowhaven +
GenderFemale +
Has NameN0v4 H0t +
LocationTouristville, Seattle +
MetatypeDwarf +
ProfessionRent-a-Sprite +
SpecialContacttrue +