Mr. Ice

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Mr. Ice
Mr. Ice Portrait.jpg
Corporate Driver by day, Runner by night
(Street Sam/Wheelman)
Player Viva Miriya
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. Unknown
Folder Link
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


The most fast and furious wheelman in the Emerald fucking City BOY!!!!!!! Also a bit of this attitude wise:


Short Term: Get money. Maybe get some Adapsin. Find someone to clean his Horizon file, that shit's bad for business.

Medium Term: Switch it up to a High Lifestyle and get more money. Get a RPK put into the Shin-Hyung. Upgrade the amenities to Luxury.

Long Term: Deal with the inevitable side effects of huffing kami and blowing lines of psyche. Not need to work a day job anymore or gain some fame so that I get paid to do what I do a shitton.


A former Cutters ganger whose killed his way out of the Barrens and never looked back, Mr. Ice developed his skill as a gunner and a wheelman on the streets of Redmond. Currently he works a couple of hours a day for a upscale car service called "Whip-It." It's a catchy name but also covers how guys like Ice get their corporate clientele moved all over Seattle in comfort and at extremely illegal speeds. After his 4 hours for the day are up, Ice is hitting the shadows to make a little extra to keep him comfortable in his Bellevue apartment, and pay for cyberware mods. He's a solid driver for a runner team and he doesn't shirk from brawling with his AK-97 either.

Those looking to hire him should contact King Midas for a CV.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Creature of Comfort (Middle Lifestyle): Fuck living in the barrens. Fuck even parking in the barrens without having the anti-theft system set to shock a motherfucker. Fuck being poor ok. Fuck poors.

Day Job (2,500¥/month, 20 hrs/week): Job ain't a thing man. 4 Hours a day Monday through Friday I pick up people from SEATAC and get them where they wanna go in record time. Usually corp drones and the occasional middle management type who ain't got any real money. Usually it's smooth but sometimes one of my clients call me mid run and its a problem because I like getting those tips. It's about keeping up relationships ya know? So yeah as long as we aren't mid jailbreak or some shit I'll go handle that ASAP. Customer usually has a blast too because I'm speeding the whole fucking way man. Null sheen homie it's all in a day's work.

Perfect Time: I mean, I'm occasionally late but I promise you if that happens, I'm well aware I fucked up a half an hour before you are mad about it. Chill out about it ok Mr. Johnson?

Poor Self Control - Thrill Seeker: Dude there's nothing like the feeling you get rolling up at a KE checkpoint in Bellevue or downtown, playing a straight face, but knowing you got enough shit on you to put you away for life. And we haven't even gotten to doing the job.

Records on File (Horizon): I don't even know how these motherfuckers got my shit like that. I did one job, ONE JOB for them. Seattle to LA courier gig. Musta got my ass when they were preparing my travel documents and burner SINs. Shifty motherfuckers yo.

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Mike Jones (UCAS) - Rating 4


Physical Description

A black dude with brown cybereyes. He wears a black leather armor jacket, a black button up, black jeans, and sneakers to match.

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