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  • An Exclusive FastFaxFacts Flash!
  • An Exclusive FastFaxFacts Flash!
  • An Exclusive FastFaxFacts Flash!

March 16, 2079 Metropolitan Seattle Edition 1:45 PM (PST)

After Thirty Years, Still Only 1¥



Seattle(FFF)-A quiet morning commute exploded into a hail of gunfire and and demolition derby as a daring raid by shadowrunners targeted a Lone Star prison transport carrying a dangerous Ancients member commenced on Highway 5 North. The Shadowrunners first arrived on the scene at nearly double the speed of the Lone Star convoy. Approaching from the right, two of the criminals leaped from their speeding vehicle onto the transport and began engaging in a battle with both the gunner and the surrounding escort cars. Out of the two escort cars, one was forced to crash by the rigger runner, while the other was peppered with bullets and was forced to stand down, and the two escorting drones were blasted out of the sky. Back on the action aboard the transport, the gunner, in a show of utter unprofessionalism, panicked and sprayed the highway with automatic fire, causing the crash of several civilian vehicles. The runners managed to wretch open the door and attack the guards within, before breaking open the back door of the transport, hoisting the gurney high, and tossing themselves and the prisoner into the open trunk of their own vehicle, now traveling at highway speeds backwards. After all the runners managed to jump into the trunk, the Phoenix spun around, and proceeded to ramp off a nearby truck's bed flying across the divide at an angle, righting itself of a nearby billboard, before landing atop a nearby parking garage before losing KE patrols in the winding streets. Can Lone Star or Knight Errant protect us when faced with such brazen opposition? Will we ever be truly safe from the companies we pay to protect us?

Whatever the answers FastFaxFacts will deliver them to you! We're on the scene before Doc Wagon or Knight Errant, much less the competition! FastFaxFacts brings you up to the second news wherever you happen to be! Remember, "Stand By Your Fax-We'll Give You The Facts!"


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