Michelle Delacroix

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Michelle Delacroix
Street Doc
Contact Owner [Clayton]
Connection 6
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Swag(Street Doc)
Location Redmond (Touristville), Seattle
Metatype Elf
Sex Female
Age 29
Preferred Payment Method Cash, Donations (a pint of blood)
Hobbies/Vice Fine Wine and Time with Friends
Personal Life Family (A younger sister, infected with HMHVV Strain 1 who also volunteers with the GLL)
Faction Ghoul Liberation League


Michelle is a former Doc Wagon doctor, of French descent. She worked her way through medical school, becoming a citizen of Doc Wagon. She had a sterling career ahead of her, but all of that changed when she got a call from her younger sister, Fleur. Fleur had stumbled down the wrong dark alley after a night of partying and had been attacked and turned by a vampire. Now a Banshee having just recovered from her first meal, Fleur couldn't think of anything to do but call her sister for help. Michelle took Fleur to the Ghoul Liberation League, who agreed to look after her and help her adjust to her new life and survive. Michelle resigned her position at Doc Wagon soon after, and now volunteers her services at the Ghoul Liberation League. She donates the medical waste generated from surgical procedures and cyberware installation to help feed ghouls and vampires, and sometimes asks clients to donate a pint of blood if they are in good enough shape. Her clinic is in an undisclosed location in the Redmond Barrens, to help protect it from those who might attack it. When called, Michelle will set up a meeting location, and arrive in her Bulldog van. The van has a medical workshop installed, and can act as an improvised ambulance if a patient needs it. She uses separate wings of her clinic and separate tools for infected and non-infected patients.

Key Dice Pools

  • Biotech Group 6 (Ranks) + 6 (Logic) + 2 (Cerebral Enhancers) + 6 (Rating 6 Medkit, When Applicable) 14 - 20 [6 - 12]
  • Negotiation 8 (Ranks) + 6 (Charisma) + 2 (Tailored Pheromones) + 2 (Modified Suit) + 4 (Swag, Street Doc): 22 [9]
  • Pistols (Semi-Automatics) 4 (Ranks) + 2 (Specialization) + 6 (Agility) + 2 (Smartlink): 14 [6]

Stat Block

B A R S C I L W Ess Edge
3 6 3 2 6 3 6 3 4.8 6
Condition Monitor 10/10
Limits Physical 4, Mental 6, Social 5/9
Initiative 6 + 1d6
Skill Ranks (Not Dicepools) Biotech Group: 6, Etiquette (Corporate): 4(6), Negotiation: 8, Pistols (semi-automatics): 4(6)
Knowledge Skill Ranks (Not Dicepools)

English: N, French: 6, Biology: 4, Infected: 4, Medicine: 6, Politics (Ghoul Liberation League): 4(6), Underwold (Organlegging): 4(6)

Ware Datajack, Smarlink, Cerebral Booster 2, Tailored Pheromone 2, Mnemonic Enhancer
Gear Berwick Suit, Argentum Coat, Hazard Suit (to prevent contamination when operating on ghouls), Black Panther (5 applications), GMC Bulldog Step Van, Tool Shop (Biotech, located in van), Rating 6 Medkit, Tool Facility (Biotech, Undisclosed location in the Barrens. Michelle keeps its location a secret for security)
Weapons Savalette Guardian, Concealed Holster


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