Michael Buchanan

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Michael Buchanan
Npc humanmale blister.png
Firearms Trainer
{Will teach you how to stop missing.}
Ex-Military Trainer
Contact Owner SCKoNi
Connection 6
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Shadow Services (Trainer)
Location Snohomish, Seattle
Metatype Human
Awakened/Emerged Mundane
Sex Male
Age 47
Preferred Payment Method Vintage Guns, Nuyen, Competition Shooting
Hobbies/Vice Gambling, Shooting, Reading military history novels
Personal Life Wife and son (in the UCAS military)
Faction Independent


A veteran of over two decades in the UCAS Marines sniper corps, Master Gunnery Sergeant Michael Buchanan dedicated the majority of his adult life to his country (or what's left of it). Over his career he was deployed in almost every conceivable combat zone, and he has a clinical knowledge of almost every firearm known to meta-humanity. He could have scored a training gig in Ares, Saeder-Krupp, or nearly any PMC out there, but he declined them all.

See Michael is a man of simple needs, he runs an excellent firing range in Snohomish, in fact one of the only places in the Seattle area where you can shoot at over a mile. If you have the skill, he might even invite you to one of his exclusive shooting competitions. These draw in marksmen from across Seattle and even beyond.

Key Dice Pools

  • Firearms 18(20)
  • Instruction (Combat) 18(20)
  • Armorer 16

Stat Block

B A R S C I L W Edge Essence Magic
3 6(8) 4(6) 3(5) 4 5 4 5 5 4 0
Condition Monitor 10 (Physical), 11 (Stun)
Limits Physical (7), Mental (6), Social (6)
Initiative 11+1d6
Skills Instruction 8 (Combat); Firearms 10; Outdoors 8; Etiquette 4 (Military); Unarmed 5, Armorer 6
Knowledge Skills English N, Military 6, Shadow Community 4, Area Knowledge Seattle 6, Black Market 5
Gear and Property Lifestyle (Middle), Firing Range, Hermes Ikon, Springfield 2003, Some Bioware mods and smartlink
Armor Big Game Hunter
Vehicles Toyota Gopher


Player Characters with this Contact

Name Chips Owed/Owned
Booker Even

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Facts about "Michael Buchanan"
ArchetypeShadow Services (Trainer) +
Connection6 +
FactionIndependent +
GenderMale +
LocationSnohomish, Seattle +
MetatypeHuman +
ProfessionFirearms Trainer +