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The Salty Merrow is a new bar in Everett docks that has an interesting attraction, a large water tank with a Merrow in it. Humanis is disgusted and terrified at a Merrow that is likely a mage, so close to her neighborhood. She hired runners to take it out, telling the runners its feral, dangerous and must be eliminated for the good of society.


The meet took place in Club Penumbra


The team learned about an anchored offensive mana barrier around the tank. After spending some time in the bar they realize that the merrow isn't feral at all, on the contrary its quite mild mannered. The tea refuses to go with the Johnson's plans. As the runners decide how to free the merrow, a group of hitmen (hired by the J) busts into the bar and engages the guards and the runners (who were the hitmen's target, along with the merrow). The hitmen were well funded by Humanis and were blood thirsty, packing Ak-97s, boom bolas and ex explosive rounds. After a difficult battle and almost dying, the runners won the fight.


The runners were able to convince the bartender (also owner of the bar) to let the merrow go free. In turn the merrow would come back and perform a weekly show in exchange for some juicy steak that the merrow grew fond of. The bartender however, did blame the runners for this mess and banned them from his bar.


14 karma. -5 rep with Humanis, +1 rep with the Sea Dragon

Player Characters

Captain Freefall

Burned an edge to smackdown


Initiated (IG1)