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A Perceptive Survivalist Wiccan Mage
Player [1]
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. November 17th, 2056
Folder [2]
Metatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information




Synopsis: Awakened weirdo becomes and eco-activist and gets arrested. Coming home from prison is hard. Fights with family, leaves and lives in the wood. Just recently returned.

María Carmen Bourgouhs was born in Seattle to a mixed Latino-Anglo family. Her awakened talent was pretty quickly identified through mandatory testing and as a teenager she attended an accelerated school for the "gifted". A loner by nature, Mara often ruined friendships before they started, as she would often tell people all of the rumors that she had heard about them. Subsequent social infighting and scapegoating, led quickly to a discipline record, despite Mara's generally non-violent tendencies.

Drawn to the parks and few green spaces around her family's flat for comfort and solitude, Mara was enraged when in 2070 municipal funding shortages resulted in the park's closure and sale to a private development company. That rage and frustration lead her to eco-activist circles. After repeated attempts at non-violent civil action, and after seeing the failure of the civil state to oppose the massive power of their corporate masters,she became involved in several direct action operations until she was arrested in 2072. Being awakened, and with a small rap sheet of minor civil infractions and arrests for civil disobedience, all it took was a sweetheart plea deal for a fellow activist to pin the planning and lead charges on Mara. Being a minor, she served 2 years in an enhanced security facility for awakened prisoners before she was released on probation in 2074.

She went back to her parents, who let her stay until she finished her probation, but their constant tracking only felt like the prison she had just left, and they didn't stop when the state sealed her record. Fights over small indiscretions escalated day after day, until as her mother screamed at her, one of her candles burst forth a spirit. Mara didn't summon it. It had been brought by the boiling mana of the house. Even though Mara stopped it before it could harm anything besides sputtering the candle, her superstitious mother saw it as a deadly threat. Mara's father talked her down out of calling the police, but it was clear that she couldn't stay. She grabbed what she could and left. She's been by twice since, but hasn't contacted them.

She quickly learned to live on her own, though she struggled to learn all the social elements of surviving on the streets, and so headed up river, and hid out in the wooded margins outside of the Salish towns. She probably wouldn't have made it without Dog, and certainly would have died if she hadn't had spellcraft and the spirits to lean on. Mara lived like this for the last 3 years, and likely would have stayed there if she could. Her luck ran thin when while butchering a recent kill, she let her guard down and was spotted by a Salish border agent on astral fly-by. She luckily was able to evade the subsequent follow-up patrol, but with no where safe to stay, she wandered back to the sprawl.

After wandering the barrens for a couple of sleepless nights, she found herself drawn to a small magic shop on the outer edge of Bellevue, where she met Juniper Jones, who helped her get introduced to the Seattle shadows.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Follows Dog

Disheveled: She gave up on most grooming that couldn't be done with just her fingers after years hiding in the forests of the western cascades.

Criminal Sin: Previously served time for conspiracy to commit arson. Several records of vandalism and criminal trespass.

Insomnia: A good night sleep was a liability on her own. She's used to going without sleep.

Run History



  • Alessa P - Connection 4, Loyalty 1 - Fixer (Networking)
  • Juniper Jones - Connection 2, Loyalty 2 - Talismonger (Swag)




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Spectra Cullens - Rating 4 with Mage License.


A disheveled human woman in her early twenties. She carries a small recycled plastic back pack and wears several layers of ill-fitting clothes. A roughed beanie covers her fraying braids, and conceals a set of trodes. On her nose rest a pair of AR glasses, though she doesn't seem to pay them much attention. Dirt clings to the edge of her calloused hands and roughly rounded finger nails.


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