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Aurora Florez
ManaHack 02.jpg
Adept Hacker
(Who do you think GOD favors in the web? The Spider, or the fly?)
Player [1]
Metatype (Human)
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 1
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. August 12, 2054
Folder [2]
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - B
Resources - C

Character Information


An adept who uses their magical prowess to advance themselves as a hacker, out to become one of the greatest Seattle ever saw.


  • Join JackPoint
  • Wipe her SIN clean off the registry
  • Leave her signature mark in the Renraku Arcology
  • Set up her father with a retirement for life


Although many people associate the Redmond Barrens with the worst of Seattle's poverty, Downtown Seattle has it's own fair share of hidden poor and homeless, tucked away in the levels between the Ork Underground and the Sprawl above. This is where Aurora grew up with her father, hidden away from the neon lights. Kids had to find their own way of making fun, usually by getting into trouble. While most of them were happy with petty thefts, smashing stuff, and general mischief, Aurora found a new pass time for herself after visiting a few of the Matrix Clubs dotting Seattle. At the age of fourteen, she put together her own cyberdeck, and got to work. She hasn't stopped since. Her magical prowess for the art was apparent immediately, and she earned a bit of a rep for herself after she ran circles around the kids with the best decks with only an AR display and a busted up Radio-Shack deck. Sure, she got into trouble with the law a few times, but the payoff was worth it. She had a skillset, and she knew how to use it.

It wasn't until she was twenty that Spider came to her, and promised her something more. Something better. They guided her in developing their skills even further, and showed them the path to become one of the greatest hackers that the Emerald City had ever known. It took her a few years, but with the cash she collected, she finally had her set ready. It wasn't much, but it was enough for her to start.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Mentor Spirit (Spider) - Spider is the one who set her down the path of becoming a Shadowrunner. The two have a close relationship, as Spider is constantly guiding her actions and helps her navigate her way through the code of the Matrix.

Dependent (Nuisance) - Aurora's father, Fransisco, is getting up their in years, having just entered his 50's, and his health is failing due to the unsafe construction work he does. He needs help quite often. Aurora is trying to set him up for retirement so that he can be safe and finally take a break.

Sinner (Criminal) - Aurora has been picked up by the system a few times, and it's causing problems for her just beginning Shadowrun career. She needs to get that removed when she finds the chance.

Signature - A play on the popular term for security deckers, ManaHack's symbol is a blue spider. She adopted it after she found her mentor spirit, Spider. She often leaves it behind hidden in the files of any hosts or devices she hacks as a calling card. She wants everyone to one day know her name.

Phobia (Uncommon, Mild) (Sewers) - Aurora had a bad experience with a pack of ghouls in the sewers underneath Downtown Seattle. The experience didn't scar her, but she definitely keeps an eye over her shoulder when she's forced to go down into the dark, wet underbelly of Seattle.

Run History

Portugal, the Man - 2079-06-28



  • Maria Gennaro - Connection 2, Loyalty 1 - Fixer (Networking)
  • Erik Jeet - Connection 4, Loyalty 2 - Gang Leader (Shadow Services)




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

The Blue Spider - A spider outline made up of blue lines of code. ManaHack leaves this coded symbol behind in hosts and devices she hacks. Sometimes she leaves it behind a bit hidden, so only other hackers are able to find it. Other times, she blasts it on every possible screen and display she can. Just depends on how much of a message she wants to send.

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


Aurora Florez (Criminal) - Her legal SIN and legal name.

Janie Myers (Fake SIN Rating 4 w/ Cyberdeck License)


ManaHack has a wiry frame, and although she's not exactly packing a lot of muscle, she's decently toned. Her hair and tats scream gutter-punk; an undercut with a bright blue dye job, and heavy tattooing on her right arm and up to her neck and face. The tattoos feature lots of Latinx symbology. Her face is tatted with a few simple lines that makes her appear almost as if she had a cyberskull.


Aurora wears a bright blue trench coat when it rains or when on runs. Her usual style is her sleeveless shirts and baggy blue pants, usually filled to the brim with gadgets and electronic parts. She's always wearing a pair of fingerless gloves, and her fingers always have some kind of bandages on them, usually from her most recent cut or electrical burn from working on her tech.

Her custom ballistic mask has the same Blue Spider design that is her signature.

Matrix Persona

Her Matrix persona is very similar to the way she looks when decked out in her runner gear. Bright blue coat and clothes, face mask with a spider design. Her entire body has this blue haze surrounding it, and on her shoulder is a blue spider; a representative of her Mentor.

Media Mentions

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