Lets talk about Fight Club

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Lets talk about Fight Club
GMMach Ten
LocationThe Brawl Pits
Commanders and leaders
Wolfheart, Witchblade, NAK-ACK, Queen,
Casualties and losses
The DJ Booth


Being the Son of a famous fighter is both a blessing and a curse! mostly a curse when you inherited your Mothers weak genes.

Fred Johnson (Junior) has done everything, sacrificed everything for the Corp, but it's still not enough to get Dads approval.

Then on a works night out 'Team Building' exercise they end up at the Pit club, drinks lead to more drinks leads to comparing P2.1 and next thing you know the whole place is interested in how you know Fred 'The Hammer' Johnson? (Senior)

"Trained with him all your life" ... "Yeah, we took out those Vory guys, unarmed that one time" ... "Yeah me and the old man, we could take him ... yeah total glass jaw, one punch in the right place and BLAMMO .. Lights out Chummer .... Oh .. he's here ... he wants a chat? .... you mean me? .. right now ?"


...."Dude, you owe me .. get me outta this drek ... yeah NOW ! .. send someone to Fix this!"

Your fixer calls with a late night offer if you're available? - get his client out of the Pit Club in one piece, simple huh?


It's getting late on a rainy Tuesday when the commlinks of several Runners beeps with the Fixers ARO. You weren't sure exactly when you'd get 'That Call' but, it didn't feel like this would be it.

"There's a job, right now, if you want it ... no time for details take it or leave it pal!"

The team assemble on the busy Streets of Seattle the 5 stories of 'The Pit Club' rise up from the grey sidewalk and groups of people huddle around outside here and other venues on the street,

Queen has done the legwork, diving into VR as the car sets off on autopilot, "Fred Johnson, really ?... sigh, fine ... Company man seems to be trying a bit too hard ...no real connections to anything dangerous going on... seems simple enough ... Maybe something about the venue ... Hmmm .... nope nada ... well, hope the pays good!"

Nak-ACK sips his Kaf and watches the bar from across the street, Wolfheart and Witchblade do the same from different vantage points .. They both look astrally for any hidden threats, noticing each other for the first time there's a brief confrontation between them, Witchblade assuming a threat just as Wolfheart notices some spirit activity in the upper building - Watchers.

folks from all walks of life go in and the MAD scanner beeps and whistles as various weapons are detected ... but the security guys don't seem bothered, but then .. no one tries to walk in with a Panther assault Cannon yet. Dipping deeper into AR, NAK scans the host ... a few simple devices, nothing too hot here ... "Easy money"

The team move in and the scanner picks up their ware and gear, they get directed to the ticket booth and the girl nonchalantly waves a device at them, the sign on the wall "ALL WEAPONS MUST BE TAGGED".. Nak balks at this and makes his excuses to back out into the street, he quietly hacks the scanner to miss his gear and walks back in expecting to be remembered ... he passes the scanner without a beep and walks to the desk, the girl doesn't even look up from her magazine, just takes his payment again and waves him inside.

The dull thud of technobeat throbs and makes the bones vibrate, 4 distinct floors of fighting arenas for various martial arts from street brawling to VR & drone battles lead up to the VIP area on top for the final standoff, the team split up and start searching for their employer.

Nak heads for the sanctity of the bathrooms, already looking around for juicy paydata, He soon spots the location of their marks comm and begins a hack.

Witchblade scans the place recognising a few names and faces from the Shadow community, Runners turned street fighter, wannabes trying to make a name and some Nuyen the old fashioned way ... a huge screen showing the odds and the rankings... eventually spotting something odd .. the name of their employer is on the top spot ... That cannot be good!

Queen and Wolfheart stride towards the stairs and head up to the VIP floor acting for all the world like they belong here ... until they get to the security on the rope

"We're here as associates of mister Fred Johnson!" ... the Ork bouncer looks confused for a moment before his face explodes in recognition "Fred ? ... THE Fred Johnson?!?" .. he fumbles awestruck for the rope and lets them up as the Ork chats excitedly to his colleague.

They move up to the VIP, suits everywhere mixed with huge bulky and scarred fighters, the duo recognise some of these from the P2.1 feed and start towards them for a chat.

Meanwhile NAK has located the comm of Mr Johnson and gotten a live feed of a dressing room where their employer is getting a pep talk from a troll.

Queen quickly deals with the maglock on the door heading to the dressing rooms and they head inside, avoiding any questions by moving with a purpose rather than trying to stealthily move un noticed, it works .. and then the announcer grabs the mic and calls out "MURDER MACHINE ... versuuuuuusss ... Freddddd Jooohnnsoooon!"

Witchblade sees a Yakuza team enter the back door and moves to intercept, taking advantage of every distraction possible She offers to take part in the final bout on behalf of Mr Johnson, to provide a much more entertaining bout, not knowing how much backroom gambling has gone on and that he is about to become significantly richer when the rube takes a fall.. the Yakuza boss dismisses Witchblade via a translator, politely but firmly and they move upstairs.

The dressing room door at the end of the hall begins to open as MURDER MACHINE prepares to enter the ring ... Sobbing can be heard from Freds room, Queen tries two other doors before luckily finding a vacant room to duck into.. the fighting entourage pass by and into the crowd ... Johnson wails in panic now.

NAK points out the fire defense system to the team, it's a long shot but it's all they have now, with words of encouragement from Wolfheart, NAK and Queen dive into VR and attack they fire alarm ... sirens wail and sprinklers burst open showering the crowd .. the team wait a moment .... CHEERS erupt in the venue, it seems all part of the show, drowned out by the music..

Wolfheart leaps into action, running into the main audience she throws phantasmal fire around the place, screaming at the top of her lungs "FIRE!" .... this gets the job done and the building panics and evacuates in a mess than orderly fashion..

Escorted by the troll guard, Fred is leaving via the stairs, NAK fights against the flow of meta human bodies and falls on the lower steps in an attempt to delay their exit, talking at a million miles an hour before Queen and Wolfheart arrive to talk them all into the Trolls car to escape.

as they get in, NAK drops into VR and wildy hacks the pilot program killing it completely and the car shudders to a stop... the Troll exits in frustration to get in manually and Queen and NAK race each other to get a replacement pilot in place and accelerate away, narrowly getting the barrier raised before the peel out into the night, a sweating and Very appreciative but confused Mr Johnson in tow.


Other than a very exasperated Troll left in the carpark of a burning building, there were no casualties, the team pull away into the night and negotiate a very hefty extraction fee.


8000 nuyen, 2 karma, for each runner.

Player AARs

Wolfheart's Report

Did you know that if you smile and look pretty, people will give you what you want? Or that if a bunch of confused people aren't paying attention while a fire alarm is going off, you can make even unrealistic flames convincing? It was a fun day! I barely even had to use magic! I sorta just, talked my way in and out of the building while hackers did stuff! And they were so motivated by my leadership style, they didn't seem to have any trouble at all! I can't wait to go on more runs with the ShadowHaven!