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Aspected Face
Le_Five [1]
Metatype (human)
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. 17 june 2052
Folder [2]
Metatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - A
Resources - D

Character Information


Ed Lambert used to live an easy life with his family, in Quebec city. When the matrix crashed in sixty four, a chain of events that is still not clear to him doomed his family. He ended up alone and in the worst place ever : The Bargain Basement. As a kid, he had to observe, listen, lie, steal and snitch to survive in an environment  like this. Many years later, at 26, he still use the skills he developed as a kid. He is officially (Only as official as his fake sin rating) a private investigator now. Sometimes, he take a job and do a real investigation, but more often than not, its a front to cover his real craft. It does pay the rents, but Shadowrunning is what will allow him to expect for something better from life.


Most people in his situation would want to return to his old life, the one from before the crash, but not Lamb. Its true that he used to sleep in a bed, under a roof with food on the table. But he had so many obligation that life was shitty anyhow. What he really want out of life, for now, is very simple : More of the good things and a lot less of the bad thing. But Living like this require money, lots of money and he know only one way to get it.


Narrative Significant Qualities

Aspected magician: Sorcery is the only aspect that he pursue. He get the conecpt of alchemy, but no matter how hard he try he can't even make it happen at all. He have a better understanding of the process he went trought during is awakening, but he still hates spirits with a passion! Why would he even try to deal with them.

Dedicated Spellslinger

First Impression: Fashion isn't one of his strong point, but it doesn't really matter because he learned a long time ago that people are sellfish and self centered. To make a very good first impression, you exploit people's weakness and give them what they think they want. Its not about you, its always about them.

Mentor Spirits: The Racoon spirits reached to him at a point in his life when he was the most vulnerable. He saw Lamb's greedy nature and he help him  push his con games to the next level.

Did you just call me dumb: Lamb hate people that think they are better than him. More often than not, he will think people have this attitude toward him when in fact they are not. Under normal circonstances, he was granted with good self-control, but not when he think he is being taken lightly.


Dry addiction (Novacoke):

Loss of confidence (leadership):

Mild Phobia (Spirits): Spirits... They used to freak the shit out of him. There was a time when just seeing one was all it took for him to lose his self-control. The only one he tolerate his the racoon spirits who help him master his craft.





In Character Information

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Marvin West (UCAS)


Not very physically imposing and tend to be pretty average looking, but charismatic anyhow. At first, when most people look at him he might appear like a laggard or a slacker who don't take care of himself.


On the job, a fitting disguise with a trusty armor vest. Hair are unkempt, will prefer a leather jacket to a suits and almost never wear em. For clothes : confort will always come before fashion.

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