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Pyro Spellslinger & Spotter
A force of nature
Player Kritnich
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. 19th of July, 2054
Folder GDrive
Metatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - C
Resources - E

Character Information


An impulsive, self-righteous, spellslinging pyromaniac with a faible for old western culture.


  • Start his own country
  • Become the best spellslinger in the world
  • Topple a government
  • Own a pet
  • Hit the moon with a golf ball
  • Find love
  • Get a divorce
  • Kill a dragon and keep it as a trophy
  • Start his own mage guild
  • Summon the devil
  • Find the world's largest cabbage roll
  • Eat a fig on a unicycle
  • Steal the moon
  • Topple an AAA-corp
  • Eat a rhinoceros
  • Cut an onion into tiny bits without crying
  • Successfully start a local family restaurant
  • Knock down a corporate building with a small hammer
  • Become a licensed surgeon


Jux had always been a little on the wrong end of the mental spectrum. This is probably why he coped so well with being abandoned by his parents for their and his own safety after he awakened at the age of 14. Out in the sprawl of Seattle, he has been going through thick and thin with the guidance of his mentor spirit and his own wits for at least a decade now. He kept himself afloat as an inconspicious courier on foot while most of his pastime was spent on refining his magical capabilities out of view of the corporations who would nab him and bounty hunters that saw him as a walking paycheck. With each new trick he taught himself, his pride grew more and more. And so did his ambitions. He now strives to roam the streets as a Shadowrunner who does good deeds. Good in this case is subjective.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Distinctive Style - His infatuation with old western culture has inspired him to dress and speak like someone straight out of 19th century America when on the job. It is a memorable sight, for the better or worse.
  • Prejudiced (Common, Biased) (Trolls, Orks) - Jux sees himself as a righteous vigilante and despises the, from his viewpoint, inherently violent nature of many Trolls and Orks.

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None. Yet.

In Character Information

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  • Owen McCaliga - Software Engineer


Jux is an average male human, about 1,8m (5'11) in height. His hair is black and tends to quickly fall out of its slicked-back shape. His eyes are brown and when paying attention to the skin anywhere on his body, there seem to be sizable but faint blemishes on his otherwise medium-toned skin. A trode sits around his neck and temple usually for direct neural interfacing.


When off-duty, Jux dresses rather fashionably in a white dress shirt and gray vest with jeans and a black, buttoned-up coat.

While on the job, he sports a costume akin to a cowboy: Black boots, jeans and a black poncho that conceals the armor jacket he wears underneath. He carries two holsters for revolvers aswell, albeit they are always empty. His face is covered by a ballistic mask / gas mask combination. A typical, black cowboy hat on the top of his head finishes the look.

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