Johnny Caveson

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Johnny Caveson
B&E Equipment Aquisitions {Swag}
The Bartender Adept of Break-ins
Contact Owner /u/darklordiablo
Connection 3
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Swag
Location Edgewood, Tacoma
Metatype Nartaki
Sex Male
Age 35
Preferred Payment Method Nuyen(Credstick)
Hobbies/Vice Rare Alcohol, Brawling
Personal Life Single
Faction Unaffiliated


Johnny Caveson is a self-titled 'Bartender Adept', and he owns a Edgewood bar also named 'Bartender Adept'. His personal novelty is serving drinks with his adept powers. Thus, his only patrons are those who can handle getting hit in the head with a metal tankard full of whatever brew Johnny is serving.
When asked why, Johnny exclaims 'For Magic!', then moves on, muttering about lemons.

However, Johnny's usefulness to the shadow community is that he aquires and sells a wide variety of burglary equipment, particularly (but not confined to) lockpicking gear.

Key Dice Pools

  • Negotiation (Bargaining) 10(+2)[8]
  • Etiquette (Street) 7 (+2)[8]
  • B&E Equipment (Locksmithing Tools) 10(+2)[4]
  • Leadership 9[8]

Stat Block

B A R S W L I C Ess Edge Magic
2 4 2 2 3 3 3 6 6 2 3
Condition Monitor 9
Limits Physical 3, Mental 4, Social 8
Initiative 5+1d6
Skills Artisan 1 (Bartending), Etiquette 1 (Street), First Aid 2, Leadership 3, Negotiation 4 (Bargaining), Throwing Weapons 2
Knowledge Skills B&E Equipment 7 (Locksmithing Tools), Bartending 4, Local Knowledge: Edgewood 4
Language Skills Hindi N, English 1
Adept Powers Commanding Voice, Magic Sense, Missile Mastery, Precision Throwing (2)
Gear Skin Pigmentation (Permanent): Normal Pigmentation, Riot Shield, Transys Avalon, Metalink, Renraku Aguchi, Chemsniffer Ring (5), Trodes, White Noise Generator (6), Monocle (4) w/Flare Compensation; Image Link; Low Light Vision; Thermographic Vision, Berwick Suit w/Chemical Protection (2); Shock Weave
Weapons Harpoon [Throwing Weapon, Acc 3, DV 6P, AP -1], Shock Glove [Unarmed, Acc 3, DV 8S, AP -5]
Vehicles Ford Econovan

Handling 3(4), Handling (Off-Road) 2(3), Speed 4, Acceleration 1, Body 14, Pilot 2, Sensor 2, Seating 10, Device Rating 2, Data Processing 2, Firewall 2

Condition Monitor: 19

Armor: 11

Vehicle Mods:

Anti-Theft System (3) w/Neurostun X

Armor, Concealed (3)


Gridlink Override

Handling Enhancement (1)

Smuggling Compartment (Troll)


Player Characters with this Contact

Name Chips Owed/Owned
Black Rose Even

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Facts about "Johnny Caveson"
ArchetypeSwag +
Connection3 +
FactionUnaffiliated +
GenderMale +
Has nameJohnny Caveson +
LocationEdgewood, Tacoma +
MetatypeNartaki +
ProfessionB&E Equipment Aquisitions +