Joe Smith

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Joe Smith
Mirage joe smith.jpg
Uses his connections to provide corp clients with exotic materials that they can't move into the country by legitimate means.
Contact Owner reyjinn
Connection 3
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Fixer
Location Downtown, Seattle
Metatype Human
Sex Male
Age 37
Preferred Payment Method Cash
Hobbies/Vice Kite flying, Hang gliding
Personal Life Very deliberately does not share his personal life with his associates. Is married with 3 children.
Faction Streets of Downtown


Specializes in the acquisitions of exotic goods, mostly from South America and Asia, and transferring them into the UCAS. Those jobs are the big payers but for the in between work Joe has several runners that he manages in the American North West.


Private, Disciplined, Precise.

Key Dice Pools

Automatics - 4+6+2(smartlink)[7] - 12[7]

Negotiation(Bargaining) - 6+6+2(clothes)(+2)[9] - 14(16)[9]

Smuggling(Exotic Goods) - 4+5+2(Mnemonic enh)(+2)[7] - 11(13)[7]

Organized Crime - 4+5+2(Mnemonic enh)[7] - 11[7]

Stat Block

B A R S W L I C Ess Edge Magic
2 4(6) 3 2(4) 3 3 5 6 2? 4 None
Condition Monitor 9
Limits Physical/Mental/Social (5/7/9)
Initiative 8 + 1d6
Skills Con 3, Negotiation 6 (+2 Bargains), Etiquette 4, Automatics 4, Stealth group 2.
Knowledge Skills Shadow community 2 (+2 Johnsons), English N, Mandarin 4, Spanish 4, Area:Seattle 2, Smuggling 4 (+2 Exotic goods), Organized crime 4.
Gear Summit suit w/ Ulysses coat (11 armor, +2 social dice), Mnemonic enhancers R2, Datajack, Smartlink, Muscle Replacements R2, Medium lifestyle, sundries.
Weapons Remington Suppressor w/ suppressor, smartgun, personalized grip, gas vent 2.

AK-97 w/ gas vent 3, personalized grip, smartgun.

Vehicles Ford Americar w/ run flat tires, spoof chips, morphing license plates, chameleon coating.


Player Characters with this Contact

Name Chips Owed/Owned
Mirage Even

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Facts about "Joe Smith"
ArchetypeFixer +
Connection3 +
FactionStreets of Downtown +
GenderMale +
Has NameJoe Smith +
LocationDowntown, Seattle +
MetatypeHuman +
ProfessionFixer +