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The Nymph of Central Park
Player Neko-Inu
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. June 12th, 2059
Folder Link
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - A
Resources - B

Character Information


This young woman grew up in a position of privilege. While she is fully capable of pursuing a successful career outside of the shadows, her psyche drives her away from such easy comforts.

Her approach on-the-job is a light and subtle one. A perfect run to her is where she is able to walk in through the front door, blend in with the crowd, retrieve any assets, and leave without the target discovering any tampering until months later.


On the surface, Jackalope appears to be another trust fund kid searching for a thrill. Beneath that facade, she is searching for the most important person in her life.


Jackalope was born to a relatively well-off family in New York City. Though she was encouraged to educate herself and learn marketable skills, Elizabeth knew there was no reason to fear poverty. She possessed a natural intellect. With augmentations and quality education, she was sure she could accomplish much in any academic field she wanted. Her primary way of spending time, however, was messing around in the Matrix. She tackled low-key hacking jobs and, more importantly, worked up a rapport and gained her own fanbase.

However, there was something lacking in her life, something immaterial: true love, familial and otherwise. The adoration of internet fans and the money showered on her by her family did not fill the void in her heart. And so, the young Elizabeth was drawn into a cult by the name of the Transcendent Vision. The doctrine urged her to look past what they claimed to be mere distractions from the truth of the world. She ran away from home, leaving behind her 'worldly possessions,' and found herself finally feeling at peace in the convent.

She ended up growing particularly close to one member of the Transcendent Vision: Rebecca. She possessed natural red hair and green eyes. Though she had been an athlete prior to her joining, she also knew how to dress exceptionally well. Romantic relationships may have been frowned upon but the two were practically inseparable.Together, the two naive young women roped more unsuspecting individuals into their 'family.'

In the end, the cult was little more than a front for the inner circle's blood magic rituals. Groups of cultists were routinely sacrificed for their own goals. The couple discovered this secret and hatched an escape plan. The two were entirely on their own due to no one else believing them. In fact, some of them turned hostile at the betrayal. Rebecca dealt with any physical threats while Elizabeth handled the electronic security.

Afterward, the duo tipped off every security contractor they could think of. In the meantime, Elizabeth suggested that they take refuge with her family. While at first she seemed to agree, Rebecca soon decided to retreat into the shadows. She had her SIN erased and went off the grid.

This, in turn, only led the former lover to pursue her. She scoured every means on the Matrix she could muster. Elizabeth returned to her blogging persona; rabid fans were excited to learn that she was still alive. While that front turned up frutiless, pursuits in the underworld gave her one small lead: the city named Seattle.

She pressured her family into allowing her to move to the West Coast on her own. Her claim was that it was better that she be somewhere they knew than her disappearing again. With the move complete, the newly annointed Jackalope began her work to acrue more funds in her search for her dearest Rebecca.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Online Fame - Elizabeth's hottest persona on the Matrix is known as the Nymph of Central Park. She primarily communicates with her fans via blog posts about various 'High Society topics' such as fashion and literature. She admittedly does not know why she has accrued such a following. What baffles her more is the inability of fans to accept that Elizabeth is the same as the Nymph.

Trust Fund I - Her current living situation is tied to her legal name, Elizabeth Hammond. Her parents are displeased with the notion of her living in Seattle by herself but they would rather her be housed and fed rather than living on the streets. Still, there are some boundaries that she cannot cross.


Big Regret - Earlier in her life, Elizabeth had joined a cult known as the Transcendent Vision. It was a front for blood mages searching for easy sacrifices. While that in itself is unsavory, what she truly regrets is drawing other people into the cult and therefore unknowingly sending them to their doom.

Driven - Elizabeth's entire reason for coming to Seattle is to find her former lover, Rebecca.

Prejudiced (Specific Target, Biased) - Despite Elizabeth's attempts to be civil with anyone, blood mages are the one exception to this rule. Her disdain for them colors her speech even though she 'knows better' than to upset one.

SINner (National) - Elizabeth Hammond is a real and legal citizen of UCAS.

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In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


  • Elizabeth Hammond - Real SIN (UCAS)
  • Melissa Chambers - Fake SIN Rating 4 (UCAS)


Elizabeth Hammond naturally possess light brown hair and blue eyes. She is a fairly alluring young woman, though even she would admit that her fake personas are more conventionally attractive than she is. In her Melissa Chambers persona, and by extension Jackalope, the woman wears her well- made synthskin face mask and typically sets her smartwig to long and pale white.


In all cases, she keeps herself well-dressed and prefers to not have to 'devalue' herself by dressing in grungy clothing or the like.

Matrix Persona

When not on a run, Elizabeth poses as the illustrious Nymph of Central Park. Every aspect of her is made to look absolutely radiant and garner attention. Anyone perceptive enough would notice that this is eerily similar to her synthskin mask.

Otherwise, she enjoys switching to a more mundane look when trying to be inconspicuous on the Matrix. At times, she will even shape her persona to look like her namesake, Jackalope.

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