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Detective, Spell Support, Spirit Backup
Player /u/ChamberofE
Metatype Male Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
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D.O.B. April 26th 2056
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Priority Metatype (Human) - E
Attributes - B
Magic (Magician) - A
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


Jackal, CalFree native born Ashford Kassas, is an Egyptian Magician, and soon-to-be Knight Errant CSI. Or at least that was the plan before Dog derailed his life plan. Dog kept going on and on about how Ash had walked away from his pack, his family. To be fair, they're a bunch or dirty alcoholics and junkies. At least his sister Rebecca has some sense. When Dog started going on about how “heavy” his heart is becoming, and when the nightmare began, crocodile headed monsters screaming from a deep dark abyss…

Guess it's time to check in with family…


  • Find Rebecca
  • Spirit Stuff
  • Go Back to CalFree and never think about Seattle again


Sometimes, Dog gets a hold of a bone and he just won't let go. One week. One more week and Ash would've graduated Lonestars Arcane Investigations program. But no, Dog wounds stop his yapping until he called home, and of course, Mom answers, drunk as usual. The crying was new though. Turns out his lil sis Rebecca had run off nearly a month ago. No sign, local PD couldn't be bothered to investigate. Signs pointed to Seattle, trail turned cold at a club called The Daze, runner hang out, had Becca started Running?

Narrative Significant Qualties

  • Driven

He is driven to find his sister Rebecca, who disappeared 8 months ago. Last clue Jackal has to go on, is brief CCT footage showing her in Seattle. He's travelled cross-country to find out what's happened to her.

  • Mentor Spirit (Dog)

Dog just keeps hounding him. "Use your magic to support the community, Stop neglecting your family, You should get back in touch with your sister." If Dog didn't have the nasty habit of describing the weight Jackal's actions add to his heart, he'd be so much easier to dismiss.

  • Family Curse and Prejudice (Drug Addicts)

Jackal's family back in CalFree are not good folks. Prone to drug and alcohol abuse, always with some new scam or excuse, the first time Jackal ever really felt free is the day he left them behind to go away to college. Ever since getting that taste of independence, Jackal has been keenly aware not to fall into the vices of his family.

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"Anubis" stylized ballistic mask

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