Jack Rodriguez

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Jack Rodriguez
Contact Owner Reyjinn
Connection 3
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Shadow Services
Location Van Asselt, Downtown, Seattle
Metatype Troll
Sex Male
Age 28
Preferred Payment Method Rare parts (see special), cred.
Hobbies/Vice Cigars, Vintage cars, Single malt scotch.
Personal Life Engaged to be married to his girlfriend of 8 years.
Faction Unaffiliated
Special? Yes


Jack is something of an odd duck in the criminal community, having managed to maintain his unaffiliated status despite interest from multiple parties to take him under their fold. At any time you can expect to find a mafioso's convertible standing right next to a go-ganger's chopper and both of them might be there debating whether the Duramax 6.6L offered anything beyond what the Cummins had already perfected.


Focused, Inclusive, Shy.

Key Dice Pools

Automotive Mechanic (Wheeled) - 6+6(+2)+2(psyche)+4(drone teamwork)[7] - 18(20)[7]

Aeronautic/Nautical Mechanic / Hardware - 6+4+2(psyche)[7] - 12[7]

Etiquette (Networking) - 3+2(+2)[6] - 5(7)[6]

Vintage cars - 4+7[7] - 11[7]

Go-gangs - 4+5[7] - 9[7]

Ork Underground - 4+3[7] - 7[7]

Service Cost

Automotive mechanic (wheeled)
18(20)/4 * Hours worked * 150 nuyen.
Aeronautic/Nautical mechanic, Hardware
12/4 * Hours worked * 150 nuyen.


  • Demand towers over supply

Jack has a lot of demands on his time. All base delivery times are doubled for normal services but if a runner needs priority treatment they can roll a simple Etiquette(+Loyalty) skill test with a threshold of 4. Any net hits will result in going to the front of the line for his services.

  • Pet project

Jack always has a pet project going on, some vintage car that he is working on with the intent to sell it to collectors once he's finished restoring them.

If a runner has parts for his current project that he needs the runner gets a discount from Jack's services (or does not need to pay if the part is of high rarity), more importantly they are instantly jumped to the front of his project list and don't have to roll the Etiquette test required to get swift service. The following table is for GMs to consider when giving players parts for one of Jack's projects.

Pet projects parts table
Rating Service Value Availability Price (black market)
1 7500 14 9750 (service val +30%)
2 15000 16 18000 (service val +20%)
3 30000 18 33000 (service val +10%)
4 60000 20 54000 (service val -10%)
5 120000 22 96000 (service val -20%)
6 240000 24 168000 (service val -30%)

Stat Block

B A R S W L I C Ess Edge Magic
7 3 2 7 5 5(6) 4 3 5 3 None
Condition Monitor 12p/11s
Limits Physical/Mental/Social (8/7/6)
Initiative 6 + 1d6
Skills Automotive mechanic (Wheeled) 6(8), Aeronautics mechanic 4, Nautical mechanic 4, Hardware 4, Etiquette (Networking) 2(4).
Knowledge Skills English N, Vintage cars 7, Racing 5, Go-gangs 5, Ork Underground 3, Or'zet 2.
Mechanic Gear Tool facility (Automotive), Tool shop (Hardware, Aeronautic, Nautical), Evo Proletarian 1 (Pilot 2, Automotive mech autosoft R6) [Adds 2 dice to Automotive mech for Jack by buying hits], Evo Proletarian 2 (Pilot 2, Automotive mech autosoft R6) [Adds 2 dice to Automotive mech for Jack's e by buying hits].
Ware Datajack, Narco, Cerebral Booster R1.
Gear Psyche, Ikon, Radioshack Remote Controller (RCC:DR 2, DP/FW 3, Automotive mech R6)


Player Characters with this Contact

Name Chips Owed/Owned
Renaissance Even

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