I've Come Here From Nowhere

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A convoy carrying a variety of cargo through the Redmond Barrens was hit by an as of yet unknown force. In the confusion, the street gang known as the '23rd Slicers' managed to scavenge much of the cargo of one particular truck. Of interest to the johnson was a small, laptop sized device. A third party was also interested in the device, and both were tracking it via a signal it transmitted.


The meet took place in a small public park in Bellevue. There, the runners quickly spotted the Johnson, a woman with distinctive cybernetics occupying all visible parts of her body. Her face in particular was sculpted, and probably the work of a specific artist. She did not give her name. Something was off about her essence. After relaying the pertinent information to the runners, she handed them a small chip that was to be loaded onto the device; so as to stop it transmitting it's location.


The Runners quickly found their way to a club, and by agreement with the owner they were let in to plan before it opened up for the night (it being three in the afternoon). There, they decided on a two pronged strategy - Ladybug and Firebug would make their way to the top of the building the item was being held in, as the Johnson had indicated that it was located on the top floor. Kilbo and Yokai were to cause a distraction on the ground floor.

The former office building, now known as the '23rd' and host to a major market for the area on its ground floor. Through the use of an astral scout, the runners discovered that a local Ghoul gang - rivals of the 23rd Slicers - were waiting around not far from the building via an intact part of the sewer system. The runners went ahead with their plan, Kilbo and Yokai fighting and killing the ten guards on the ground floor. Firebug and Ladybug entered the top floor and located the device. Whilst Firebug retrived it, and set fire to a nearby room as a distraction, Ladybug made her way over the where it was being kept as cover. She fought the leader of the gang, a Troll Adept, and killed him in single combat as Firebug made off with the device. Kilbo and Yokai made their wya up the stairs to regroup, cutting their way through numerous gangers to do so. As they reached the ground floor, they fought and killed several ghouls making an ill-timed attack on their rivals.

The Runners then made their escape, noting a tiltrotor flying over the Barrens in a search pattern in the distance.


The Runners delivered the device to a man at the address indicated by the johnson, and received their payment. The 23rd caught fire due to the fire set by Firebug, and was completely gutted by the blaze. The Runners noted that the Tiltrotor began to vector towards the 23rd, but they were long gone by the time it arrived.


Player Characters


8,000 Nuyen

2 Karma


8,000 Nuyen

2 Karma



8,000 Nuyen

2 Karma


8,000 Nuyen

2 Karma


AAR: We were hired by what I could describe as the lovechild of a cyborg and a sex doll. She told us to retrieve some kind of laptop sized device from the 23rd Slicers gang in the Barrens. Tracking them down was fairly simple. The two bug themed runners on our team decided to go sneaky like and get the device, while we tried to cause a distraction. This caused some complications and unleased a large amount ghouls which we then had to slaughter. In the end we made our way out with device and the job was a success.