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Burnout Adept/Heavy Weapons Girl
Player Malyc
Metatype Ork
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. January 23rd 2059
Folder Hydra
Metatype - B
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - D
Resources - C

Character Information


Musclebound Ork who enjoys big guns too much for anyone's good.


Do her part in keeping the Ork Underground an independent enclave, become a hero of the community, and blow some shit up along the way.


Hydra had your fairly typical childhood, school and playtime with friends afterward while waiting for her parents. Of course, things change quickly when KE hits the wrong house, and drags everyone in it back to the station on trumped up charges. Thankfully at that point, she was young enough to avoid charges, but something changed in her that night.

She wound up hanging with the wrong crowd, picking fights wherever she thought she could get away with it. Sometimes she won, sometimes she lost, but she always fought. Some might say it was her way of rebelling against authority, for the injustice that happened to her as a child. Others, that she just had a bad attitude, but regardless, she grew up hard and strong in the Underground. Years later, she got her inheritance, and pretty much immediately spent every nuyen of it on augments for herself and a couple of guns from some people she knew on the Black Market, in the hopes of starting to run in the shadows, and maybe make some real Nuyen.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Bad Rep: Has been known to take things just a bit too far when it comes to street fights.

Run History

Based on Sky Burning Red

We Will Make You One of Us



  • Billy - Connection 5, Loyalty 1 - Fixer


Ex-Firewatch 3 rep



In Character Information

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Rating 4 Fake SIN - Corine Delacruz



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