Himari Hayashi

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Street Samurai
Calimahr [1]
Human (Human)
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. May 1st 2052
Folder [2]
Metatype - D
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - B

Character Information

There must be order. What is a garden, without a gardener? Weeds multiply and choke the soil, paths become overgrown and lost to time so that no traveler may feel safe.

There must be order. Sometimes, a gardener must prune even beautiful flowers, safeguarding the tranquility of the whole. Regret not this loss, but cherish your part in it. Even sacrifice can carry meaning.

There must be order. For with out order, we are but ants without a queen. A wild hunt without a scent, a feast without wine.

And should there be no order, then a gardener will step up, and do do what needs done, for the garden and for one.

- Himari Hayashi, spoken word poetry, translated from Japanese



Ex-corporate operative who would rather work with the corporations than against them, but must now recenter herself and try to find a new meaning in life.


  • Find an organization with strong enough structure and sense of honor that it is worthy of joining.
  • Overcome feeling of shame and loss by either finding a deeper truth about her purpose in life or, failing that, die with honor making a meaningful sacrifice.


Born in a test-tube, modified and trained by Mitsuhama as part of their foray into vatgrown wetwork operators. Himari lived, breathed and worked with similar operatives in a small compound in Seattle (even though back then she wasn't known as Himari, but a role-association and serial number). Himari quite enjoyed the feeling of camaraderie, responsibility and focus which the tightly ran corporate life offered, and running in the shadows was not a choice she herself made. Another corporation sent their operatives to sabotage the Mitsuhama project, and they succeeded by releasing a gas into the compound which killed everyone but her. Himari survived because she was not currently in the compound, having recently been sent out on a surveillance mission. When Himari returned, she saw that there was nothing left of her former home but ashes. A Mitsuhama cleaning-crew had already arrived, salvaged all data, incinerated all dead employees and taken her departed friends with them for dissection. Standard protocol demanded that she turned herself in to the nearest corporate affiliation, but no brainwashing or dodgma is ever perfect. Sometimes, what is indispensably human shines through. What shone like a torch that night was not an urge for freedom, but the to her alien emotions of fear and shame. Himari ran, and from that night she belonged to the shadows, the only place where she could sell her skills and hide her shame. Himari won't go back to Mitshuhama due to fear of reprisal and survivors guilt, nor will she turn to any other corporation to sell her skills due to fear of dissection and a strong sense of honor towards Mitshuhama. Despite this, Himari does not feel comfortable with the disorganized life of a runner or the random and fleeting associations which comes with it. In her mind, life requires a clear structure and a goal, even if the structure or goal is far from morally optimal. How far she is willing to go, or what part of her conscience she is willing to offer in order to achieve this structure, remains to be seen.

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  • Bulldog Black - Connection 2, Loyalty 2 - Fixer
  • Clyde - Connection 2, Loyalty 1 - Shadow services




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Himari Hayashi (For shadowrunning - Fake SIN 4 - Unemployed Bodyguard) Akari Sato (For legal business - Fake SIN 4 - Martial Arts Instructor)


Himari is Japanese with light complexion, brown eyes and a rather robust physique for a woman. Her hair is ordinarily worn in a simple hair-bun on the back of her head and held together with two wooden hairpins, though if removed her hair drapes down to the small of her back.


Himari's clothes are always immaculate and proper. Make-up is minimal and strategically applied according to standard corporate protocol. During an ordinary Shadowrun Himari wears a wide, free-flowing black long skirt of Japanese neo-samurai design, made for the wearer to be able to move freely yet look presentable. Around her waist two long silk sashes are tied, one deep purple and one matted gold. Both sashes have one end hanging loosely by her right side measuring around two feet, and upon them are the words "obligation and respect" written in kanji. On her upper body, Himari wears a basic dark red top, and over it her black armor jacket. Her shoes are unremarkable sneakers of a cheap brand. When she wears a combat helmet it is of neo-samurai design, and her ballistic mask is shaped like the grinning Oni-face of old, down to the fake mustache. It's colored in black, dark red and matted gold.

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