Handsome Harry

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Handsome Harry
The Handsomest Trog
Player Dusk
Metatype Troll (Giant)
Awakened/Mundane Mundane
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
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Out of Character Information


Basic Info

Can face, can fight, can tank. Not exceptionally good at either.


Troll Face, kinda.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: A big, exceptionally good looking troll with clean but rough skin, no excess hair and sharp features. Harry isn't just handsome by trog standards he's handsome by elf standards.
  • Astral form/sig:
  • Matrix persona:
  • Styles and symbols: Signature (ARO of an H-steak)



Harry was an abandoned SINless infant when Bruno Bucciarati of Bruno's meat shop found him. The kindly ork took him in. Harry or as the neighborhood girls used to call him "Handsome Harry" was the local attraction. Growing up to be unnaturally good looking, not just by trog standards, but by elf standards! Despite working in a butcher's shop he always wanted to be become famous. Either a trid star or as he liked to say "gang-star". Used to save up money from his salary to buy body mods whenever he could. But in the life of a runner, the good days rarely last.

A local night hunter's cell didn't really like a booming trog business and despite the fact Bruno paid his protection money to the mafia and the crimson crush gang, no one came to save him until it was too late. When the protection squad arrived, Bruno was dead, the shop wrecked and Harry was lying in a pool of blood with a an arm missing. The days of misery was just beginning for him. While he did inherit his foster father's shop, he was terrible at running the business. Plus getting him wared up and fixed after that attack, fixing up the establishment, his dad's funeral. Harry was knee deep in debt. Eventually he had no option but to sell the place off.

Homeless and destitute, Harry had to resort to acting in pornographic simsense to put bread on his table, praying each day that he doesnt catch some terrible disease. But one day was his lucky break. A fellow simsense actor and him tried to pull off a shadowrunrun against a fixer on their own and failed. But Harry got scouted up by him. Not quite shadowrunner material yet, but he has potential.

Significant Qualities and Traits

  • Butcher Pete: Addiction (Kamikaze), Nasty Trog, Did you just call me Dumb?, Force of Chaos, Vendetta (Night Hunters)
  • Chrome is the new Black: Biocompatibility (Cyberware)
  • The Handsomest Trog: Exceptional Attribute (CHA), First Impression
  • Meat Eaters Unite: Phobia (Uncommon, Mild): Plant Spirits, Prejudiced (Specific, Outspoken): Vegans
  • Disciple of the Speaker's Way: Jack of all Trades, Sensei

Notable Possessions



Run History



Name Connection Loyalty
King Midas 6 1
Dr. Henry Wallace 6 1
Jean Jacques Pierre 5 2
Anything Andy 6 1
Alias 5 2
In4motion 2 5
Jaelisha 2 5
John Baptise 2 2
Lorenzo's 5 2

In Character Information

Shadow Community Table


  • Pate Castiglione; Rating 4 Fake SIN (UCAS)

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