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Hakari Posing for a Glamour Shot.jpeg
Physical Adept, Shooting, Sneaking, Facing
Sneaky floof, pretty aloof! (Or pretty AND aloof!)
Silky [1]
Metatype Vulpine Shifter
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. Unknown, even to herself.
Folder https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Vf_6WL1pq7RwL9qW8ayxC9CtD6h01Xj1
Metatype - B
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - C
Resources - E

Character Information

Notable kills: Carl Randy, target of a wetwork run

Less notable kills: 1 Knight-Errant 'mall-cop' model HRT member

Notable Skills

Sneaking 15 (17 for Urban)

Automatics 13 (15 for SMG)

Perception 13 (15 for Visual)

Locksmith 8 (10 for Maglock)

Gymnastics 8 (10 for Climbing)

Palming 9

8 dice each for: Assensing, Disguise, Escape Artist

7 dice each for: Con, Ettiquette, Impersonation, Leadership, Negotiation, Performance, Pilot Ground Craft


Stealth Infiltration expert, moderately successful at doing face to face stuff, Pretty damn good with a submachine gun, especially her pride and joy, the limited edition Ingram Smartgun X named, 'Primus'. Will freely and readily evangelize about the incredibly production value and other such boons to Ingram's product line.


Integrate further with metahuman society

Work her way up the foodchain

Make fat stacks of cash to have a LUXURIOUS lifestyle in every sense of the word possible


As a vulpine shifter, she's still very much a student of the ways of the street, though in some regards it's quite similar to the way things were as an animal. She doesn't know WHY she can become a human, nor does she particularly care, instead jumping into metahuman society headfirst with the goal of putting her days of living in the wild behind her! Like many foxes, an urban environment is hardly unusual, and the same basic principles for survival apply: Be the biggest, toughest bastard in the room, or else identify who that is and stay out of their way. Better, even, if they don't know you're there until you spring your trap and are ready to take them on on your own terms! In a world where everyone's packing heat (or else asking to be a victim) she treasures her Ingram Smartgun X, lovingly nicknamed 'Primus' above most of her other possessions, as it's the primary way she makes a living (as a bodyguard and gun for hire) AND protects herself!

She first met Zero Chill working for him as a bodyguard. An unassuming young woman with deadly skill with her preferred weapon of choice, she impressed him enough to be given a shot at some low-level shadow-world errands and such, unknowingly for the Yakuza. Often she would run packages from one member to another when they couldn't meet face to face, and once or twice she carried out a hit, or acted as an enforcer when someone refused to pay protection, and made enough of a positive impression to continue getting work from Zero, who began offering her services to other clients as well while his confidence in her proficiency grew. She has the mindset, and a certain degree of talent, now all that's left is to see if she has the mettle to put it to use in making her dreams of a lavish lifestyle come true...

Narrative Significant Qualities

Brand Loyalty (Product, Ingram Smartgun X) - was employed as a tester for the Smartgun X during live trials for various law enforcement groups, and after impressing the director of the Smartgun X project with her marksmanship, was rewarded with a special-fabricated Smartgun X, named 'Primus' with the idea that whatever she used the visually unique weapon for, it would end up being free advertising.

Did You Just Call Me Dumb? - Sarcastic, and all too quick to snark, she has an instinctual urge to work in subtle backhanded compliments and other hard-to-catch, insultory turns of phrase. Sometimes she underestimates her conversational adversary and isn't quiiite oblique enough to avoid getting in trouble for this habit.

Uneducated - She's an animal. She can learn practical-use things, but she never had formal education the way a human child might have...

Allergy (Uncommon, Mild, Chocolate) - Chocolate itself is outright toxic for canids, but especially when shapesifted she can ALMOST get away with it... though she'll still suffer severe fits of repeated sneezing. Easy enough to avoid in the first place, certainly, but chocolate is delightfully tasty, and animal impulses can be hard to control in the absence of immediate, imminent danger!

Combat Junkie - Part and parcel of her animalistic nature. When her blood's up, and her Fight or Flight instincts have chosen Fight, she goes all in! Not the kinda gal to pull any punches, she's every bit as fierce as a beast with nowhere left to run.

Emotional Attachment (her Ingram Smartgun X, named 'Primus') - Seriously. For how financially challenged she is, this thing is her baby, and her primary means of bringing home the soyloaf, so to speak. If she were to lose it... (and she's NEVER going to simply misplace it, someone would have to take it from her) well, suffice to say that finding it would become her #1 priority!

Family Curse - What it says on the tin. She's not going to be out hunting for drugs, but if they're introduced to her system she's genetically predisposed to becoming addicted. Because her parents (who were actual foxes) were laboratory test animals or something? :P

Run History

http://www.shadowhaven.info/If_You_Have_Got_Some_Requests - 12-8-18, 21,167 nY/2 Karma/+3 Krime Rep

http://www.shadowhaven.info/Execute_the_Executor - 12-9-18 9 Karma/4,000 nY, 26 SMG APDS/1 Machine Pistol ADPS expended


N/A, though she's done some work (per backstory) for the Yakuza, she doesn't identify as being part of the Yakuza herself.





In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

1 hit: Kæstur hákarl (Icelandic for "fermented shark") is a national dish of Iceland consisting of a Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus) or other sleeper shark

2 hits: Hakari is a not-uncommon first name for Japanese-heritage humans, with usage observed in both masculine and feminine individuals...

3 hits: Hakari was a product tester/spokeswoman for the Ingram Smartgun X when it was originally launched, and there are still videos of her showing off its performance floating around on the Matrix

4 hits: Before a certain point in time, this particular Hakari doesn't seem to have a cyber-trail, under a fake SIN or otherwise... Perhaps she was born to SINless parents who lived off the grid? Or perhaps there's more going on...

Shadow Community Table

1 hit: Has made a name for herself as a bodyguard in certain circles.

2 hits: Gun for hire, not INCREDIBLY scrupulous about the jobs she takes.

3 hits: Adept with mild powers of... enhanced persuasion, one could say.

4 hits: Hakari got her start doing low-level contract work for the Yakuza, potential connections, or just a mercenary?

5 hits: There's something just a little bit off about her, her demeanor feral in a way that suggests possible psychosis...?


Tsubame Noriko (Rating 4, Automatic Weapons License (3), Adept License (3), Concealed Carry Permit (3))



She wears a colorful, flashy hoodie in bright blues and pinks, along with a matching helmet. The color scheme extends to her hair when she's in good enough money to afford to keep it dyed, otherwise it's a comparatively dull black. The jacket itself isn't ultra clingy, but neither is it noticeably baggy, and in keeping with the bright, bubbly nature of the rest of her appearance, a miniskirt and long, thigh-high leggings serve to cover most of the skin below the waist except for a few inches between the two garments.

Matrix Persona

An actual, anthropomorphic nine-tailed fox, formed of ever-swirling patterns of blue and pink light. Facial features are hidden behind a porcelain mask of an off-white color, and voice is rather higher-pitched than her usual voice.

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