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Hugo "Goro" Gaileux
Saint Louis Troll Token.png
Street Samurai
An outsider, a rebel, a samurai
Name [MadmanRobi]
Metatype Troll
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. 11th,September, 2058
PDF [[]]
Chummer File []
Metatype - B
Attributes - D
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - A

Character Information


A born and raised outsider, Goro grew up tough and quick while aspiring to be something. After getting augmented, trained, and some experience under his belt, he found that something in Seattle.


  • Secure a permanent lifestyle.
  • Hood for the SINless.
  • Find the trio who betrayed Tomoe Minamoto.
  • Carve out his own section of the sprawl where he's the crime boss.
  • Earn prestige among his peers.


If there's a path of least resistance in life, Hugo Gaileux has never heard of it. Born in Saint Louis, raised nomadic across the CAS, PCC, CFS, and Aztlan thanks to his father's work as a contractor, he grew up with outsider status tattooed across his forehead. Whether he was questioning a tribal ritual in Arizona or fleeing deranged bloodletters in El Paso, he found alienation from the locals wherever he went before even considering the violence and discrimination he faced for his ingentis nature. Grade school and up he was no stranged to fights in the yard, the hallways, snide sidelining from his teachers and blunt objects to the skull to 'make him as dumb as a troll should be'. He never gave up the tradition handed down from his parents however, never conformed no matter how many bricks were thrown at him or knives driven into his ribs. By middle school he was more than capable of breaking bones and drawing blood from those who would wrong him. When high school rolled around, Hugo quickly found his way through the low-stakes highschool crime scene.

No matter where he moved, word spread of his brutality quickly when he had to exercise his might. No matter what he endured, what he was told, he rolled with every failure and grew better because he knew Aneki eternal would want him to. While a national SINer, his schools were Renraku gardens, the media he grew up with was Renraku sponsored, the municipal systems were Renraku subsidiaries, so it was no wonder why he aspired to the culture and prestige he saw in the media. When he graduated high school, his family moved back to Saint Louis with another of his father's corporate contracts. He overcame his outsider status and eventually achieved a place among Renraku's samurai. He knew he could never take the Red Oath because of his metatype, he knew he would be a Limited SINer for his entire life, but he could earn respect and serve a purpose while securing a future for his children in the company.

After two years as a Samurai, he managed a level of martial respect among his other Samurai and even maintained a secret relationship with a co-worker, Tomoe Minamoto, however things went sour when NeoNET managed a full takeover of the Saint Louis sprawl. He lost his job, he lost his lover when she was betrayed by three of their peers, his SIN defaulted back to National, and he went onto the streets as freelance security to support himself. From time to time, his security gigs turned into PI work, hired muscle, small time fixer jobs, but then the fall of NeoNET came. NeoNET scrip was worthless, the grid went down, the city's gears stopped turning, and his SIN was fully erased with the disappearance of the city registry. While the city was dark, Hugo managed to survive with a small pack of friends in South City. After a few weeks with a local gang, he found the only people willing to hire trained killers in the Saint Louis sprawl; the Saraccino Family. Assassination, extortion, intimidation, drug dealing, smuggling, anything the family needed done or needed muscle for, Goro was there, using his Renraku name as both a handle and a badge of pride for his Samurai status. Sometimes his honor compelled him to act in his off-time, clearing out predatory gangs, stealing from corporate trucks to supply the impoverished and deprived, protecting the SINless from black bagging teams and ensuring the market tribes could function unmolested.

Despite growing up on Renraku movies, Samurai comic books and video games, loving sushi and believing in Aneki Eternal as his role model, he quickly became disillusioned with the corporate ideal the longer he spent in the sprawl. But he was strong, determined, and found work with the mob that he could respect. Eventually, the family offered him a deal where he could realize his potential; go work for their girl Alessa P in Redmond, the Seattle plex. He packed up, moved out to the Barrens Square and set up a new life as a Street Samurai for the Pixie shot-caller. He met a rockergirl while living there, one who shared his interests in music, media, cybernetics and eventually moved in with him. She had her band, and he managed to earn money between jobs by hosting an open air grill in Redmond Square where people could come and cook their roadkill on his juryrigged setup. The gangs knew him as the Troll who could provide food and safety, as well as a warrior who would put down any bulldrek hard. After knocking over a few armored trucks, robbing a museum, and settling a gang war on Alessa P’s behalf, the gangers all knew the name Goro.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Code of Honor- Goro grew up on Bushido, following it as a personal philosophy long before he completed Samurai training. They were his words to live by so his soul could be at ease, his honor maintained, and he will do everything in his power to follow them no matter the obstacle.
  • Candle in the Darkness- When not following a master's orders, Goro's personal honor often compels him to intervene in the affairs of predator gangs and corporate elements. Whether its tending his open grill in Redmond Square where people can come and properly prepare their critters or breaking into a Shiawase bio-lab to steal the cure to a manufactured plague, Goro has done much to earn a reputation as one of the few good people left in the ever blackening sprawl.

Run History

  • Nothing recently.


  • Alessa P (Fixer)


  • Alessa P - Connection 4, Loyalty 3 - Pixie Punk Rocker, Fixer
  • Alice Escher - Connection 2, Loyalty 5 - Elf Rockergirl (Live-in Girlfriend)



  • Ork Underground
  • Barrens Streets


  • Humanis Policlub.

In Character Information

  • A Street Samurai who takes pride in his augmentations and code, and often looks down on many other razorgirls and vatjobs calling themselves 'samurai' for not living up to his standard.

Symbols and Signatures

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Shadow Community Table


  • Hugo Smith, UCAS (R.4)

- Driver's License - Cyberware License - Firearm's Licese

  • Michael White, UCAS (R.3)
  • Gregory Kahn, UCAS (R.3)
  • Robert Shiawase, UCAS (R.3)



Baggy street clothes, thrift store chic that he hopes he can wear without it snagging and tearing too much on his dermal deposits.

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