Gabriel "Rash" Hallowhower

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Leper Missionist
Player [1]
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. December 10nth 1955
Folder [2]
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


A man of small stature, fully clad in bandages. On his face he is often wearing a leper mask or a gas mask. He often changes his appearance through the use of spells, and only shows his mask to allies and face only to friends.


Only power, in whatever form it may come, can lead to victory. And only a man who can achieve victory can decide the fate of others.

Put in a less dramatic way, the character is running so that he can amass enough wealth to help others, especially the people back in Detroit who gave him a chance in life.

In Seattle in general his first and foremost goal is to find more information about the cure that his father promised.


3rd child of the world renown William Harrowhower, one of the top managers of the Ares Corporation in Detroit.

Gabriel was abducted by criminals when he was less than 8, and taken to some underground basement, a lair belonging to some odd disfigured man, probably to blackmail his father.

There he was kept for 3 days and nights, until his father's hired Shadowrunners succeeded in rescuing him.

Unfortunately, a few months later, Gabriel was diagnosed with a rare non-treatable case of leprosy which he must have contracted from one of his abductors. Although his father hired specialists to treat him, Gabriel's body seemed to reject most types of antibiotics and gene therapy.

Seeing as such a son would be a social disadvantage, but with much hesitation, William took Gabriel while he was sleeping and left him outside of a Missionist temple in the slums of Detroit.

Gabriel, growing up, turned out pretty resilient and courageous, practicing every day the Missionist rites and helping the poor and sick. Fast forward 7 years, and he gets a visit from a few men who forcibly take him to see his father. There, he learns about his past, takes back his corporate SIN and is gifted a trust fund to cope with life in the slums.

A few years later Gabriel gets a message by his father that some people in Seattle may know of a way to treat his disease.

Under instructions from his father, he is to stay on the move to remain as anonymous as possible.

Narrative Significant Qualities

1. Corporate SIN.

2. Mind-controlling spells.

3. Leper looking for a rare cure.

Run History





  • Sue Bird - Connection 2, Loyalty 2 - Info Broker (Shadow Services)
  • David Harsmen - Connection 5, Loyalty 1 - Fixer (Fixer)
  • Hideo Masamune - Connection 6, Loyalty 1 - Talislegger (Shadow Services)







In Character Information

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Lucas Trezan (fake) Rating 4



Wearing rugged bandages all over the body and an old brown duster above that. Clothes are mostly dark colored, but seem old and weathered. An old pair of work boots, gloves and a scarf top the outfit. At his back one can see a small school backpack with a decaying sunflower hanging out.

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