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Spending GMP

  • You can redeem 1 gmp for 2000 nuyen or 1 karma on a character for your choosing
  • You can redeem 1 gmp for 1 faction rep on a character of your choosing. This includes NPCs, so GMs can use it to upgrade faction contacts and the like with the standard reputation powers, as per cutting aces
  • You can buy certain features with GMP at varying prices. Prime slots, extra character slots, discord emojis, etc.
  • Discord Emoji = 3 GMP

Losing GMP

GMP will be explicitly lost if the PC that GMP has been applied to dies, is retired, or otherwise ceases to be playable. If a full resubmit is explicitly permitted after a change in rulings, GMP may be kept.

Earning GMP

From Running Games

See GM_Rules

Other Sources
  • 2 GMP is earned when you make a public contact with a wiki page, even if it is for your own PC.
  • Being a minion for the different departments also grants varying GMP pay.
  • 2 GMP is earned for contributing a player after-action report on your run's wiki page.