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Spending GMP

  • You can redeem 1 gmp for 2000 nuyen or 1 karma on a character for your choosing
  • You can redeem 1 gmp for 1 faction rep on a character of your choosing. This includes NPCs, so GMs can use it to upgrade faction contacts and the like with the standard reputation powers, as per cutting aces
  • You can buy certain features with GMP at varying prices. Prime slots, extra character slots, discord emojis, etc.
  • You can trade GMP with other players freely, though there might be a transaction fee. Intended to be in return for services such as paperwork, run prepwork, GMing, etc

Note that each character has a GMP Cap that limits how much GMP can be redeemed on them. You earn 10 cap by playing that character on a run. You earn 5 cap on a character of your choosing by GMing. Additionally, redeeming GMP for certain expenses is exempted from the cap. These include:

  • Luxury Lifestyle
  • Knowledge Skills
  • Vehicles (just base, no mods)
  • Faction Rep
  • Discord Emoji = 3 GMP

Earning GMP

From Running Games

Base reward for hosting a run:

  • Prime: 20
  • Semiprime: 15
  • Low-High: 10

Additional rewards, which are not affected by the Reward Multiplier:

  • Received Coaching: +1
  • Overflow: +2. Increased to +3 for weekends
  • Scheduled: +1. Increased to +3 if picks were made at least 4 days in advance
  • Run was record and uploaded to ShadowHaven youtube: +1

Note that if a run wiki page is not created for the run, you receive no GM rewards. Feel free to pay/force your players to do it instead.

Other Sources

  • 2 GMP is earned when you make a public contact with a wiki page, even if it is for your own PC.
  • Being a minion for the different departments also grants varying GMP pay.
  • 2 GMP is earned for contributing a player after-action report on your run's wiki page.

Losing GMP

GMP will be explicitly lost if the PC that GMP has been applied to dies, is retired, is resubmitted, or otherwise ceases to be playable. If a full resubmit is explicitly permitted after a change in rulings, GMP may be kept.