Frau Reiher

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Frau Reiher
(A little birdie told her so...)
Player NeonWytch
Metatype Human (Even if a couple of alleles are on crooked.)
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 1
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. April 23rd 2049
Folder Google Drive
Metatype - D
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


A neo-anarchist radpunk born and raised in the honest-to-god SOX, Frau Reiher cut her teeth shadowrunning in anarchist Berlin. The corps ended that little dream, and now she's trying again in America.

Reiher wears her radiation-scars proudly, though a tribal upbringing combined with running with lax-mannered anarchists has left her a bit out of her depth in the more corporate controlled Seattle. Nevertheless, with a fleet of drones and a will to survive, Frau Reiher is determined to get a foothold in the UCAS


Make enough money to purchase the medications she uses to treat her congenital conditions. Get back at 'The Corps' for what they did to Berlin. Gain some footing in her new, adopted city. Don't get geeked by some asshole with a Krime Spree and a dirtbike.


A german radpunk who was born and raised to a tribe of SIN-less in the harsh SOX, whose family made their living black-marketing in Luxembourg. Yona Eve Eison was born a sickly child, possessing several birth defects that would eventually require regular medical care, but pulled her weight from a fairly young age with a set of trodes, an old scrapping drone, and a knack for spotting and recovering valuables from deep within the Zone.

When the crash 2.0 struck, Yona was only 15. Though the Allied German States had been spared by Lofwyr's decision to isolate the german grid from the rest of the world, an EMP bomb meant for Europort, created by the terrorist organization Winternight, detonated over the SOX. This heavily damaged the already ageing infrastructure that Yona's tribe relied on for their smuggling operations. Left without access to the medicines she needed to survive, Yona left her harsh home and made her way out into the "real world". Eventually ending up a shadowrunner in anarchist Berlin, Yona took on the childhood nickname Reiher (German for 'Heron') as a handle, a reference to her spindly limbs whose cartilage never properly developed as a result of suffering from Marfarn Syndrome. It was here that Frau Reiher had her first real contact with the modern 6th world, but she quickly adapted. The brutal lessons of the SOX served her well in the cut-throat world of the shadows.

Reiher's life in Berlin lasted until 2073, when the corporations finally consolidated the city all for themselves, thus ending The Neo-Anarchist Dream. Reiher stuck around the Rhine-Ruhr Megaplex for a few more years, but decided that there was nothing left for her there but bad memories. She left the AGS in 2077 and has washed out to the UCAS, all the way up to Seattle. Now, she uses her rig and her drones to pay for the medications she needs to survive the variety of issues that come with having been born and raised in the SOX.

Gangly and radiation-scarred, Reiher is an awkward misfit who feels more at home in an MCT-Rotodrone than she does in her own meat-body.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Rad-Tolerant - People are like cockroaches. Eventually, even a radioactive drekhole like the SOX can be adapted to.
Addiction (Mild) (Hotsim) - Frau Reiher spends hours hot simmed into her Festo Pigeon, feeling the wind on her face, gracefully swooping above the cruel ground below. For her, rigging is a chance to break free from her broken form.
Distinctive Style - 6'3"(188 cm), heavily scarred, utterly foreign, Reiher sticks out like a sore thumb.
Phobia (Common, Mild) Magic - Frau Reiher never quite stopped being jumpy around magic, the high background count of her irradiated childhood home made sure that her first impressions of mojo were frantic, whispered warnings to stay the hell away from the toxic shamans who made their home deep within the Zone. When she was 14, one of her drones came across a toxic spirit of fire. Reiher never forgot the sound her drone made as its wheels melted into the dirt, the camera feed glitching and warping as the lens expanded from the heat before the whole thing turned to slag.
Did you just call me dumb? - Growing up in the SOX isn't the best for table manners, Chummliechen. Reiher often mutters insults in german under her breath when she thinks she can get away with it, especially when working with folks she considers "corporate".
Illness - A consistent regimen of pills, injections and near constant biomonitoring helps Reiher keep her various congenital conditions in check.

Run History

<The Streets aren't Safe> - 2018-04-10
<Intro-Chamber the Cartridge> - 2018-04-15





Auburn SINless Streetfolk +2
Aztechnology +1


In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

In the matrix, Reiher's MARKs look like little bird foot prints.

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


  • Robin Banks Rating 4, S-K Corporate SIN; Driver's License, Drone License, Automatic Weapons License, Bodyguard License


Frau Reiher is tall and spindly, with dark, curly hair that falls in ringlets, cut into a half-hawk, allowing easy access to her matte off-black datajack. Her features are vaguely semitic, or perhaps arab. It's hard to tell, though her accent is quite distinctly german in origin. There is nasty scarring, like a burn, running from her cheek to her collarbone.


She wears a baggy synthleather coveralls and a boxy cropped jacket. She wears a thermal jumpsuit with a built in biomonitor underneath, and heavy, steeltoed workboots on her feet.

Matrix Persona

A dwarf-sized falcon made of glittering, shifting scrap steel.

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