Frank "Popper" Cherry

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Frank "Popper" Cherry
Frank "Popper" Cherry.jpg
Finnigan Family Capo
Contact Owner [Coco]
Connection 5
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Shadow services
Location Bellevue, Newport
Metatype Dwarf
Sex Male
Age 45
Preferred Payment Method Nuyen/Service
Hobbies/Vice Weapons
Personal Life Married
Faction Finnigan Family


Frank Cherry was born into the Finnigan family, his father being a long standing Soldati. From a young age he had to fight for most of what he had in one form or another, from his brothers towering over him to the various bully's in the playground. Seeing his son struggling Franks father began teaching him to stand up for himself and not take any drek from some would be street punk, but also to encourage his friends and simmer hot tempers. Naturally Frank as he got older began working himself into his fathers business unlike his brothers who wanted to get away from the lot they had in life.

Early on in his career during a meeting with a local "business partner", Frank found out that some ganger's had been shaking the place down. He responded by leaving a substantial amount of them kneecap less earning him the nickname Popper, a nickname too this day he doesn't like being brought up in his presence.

After a number of years in loyal service to the family much had changed for the once young dwarf, he was well respected but had lost his father in a drive by shooting by the Yakuzza. His tactics have gotten more brutal only enhanced by the augmentations he has received. Now he has been promoted to Capo of a small area in South Bellevue, brought in for his skill with leading his men, brokering deals and taking the fight to the enemy if needed. Right now he is consolidating the Finnigan family assets in Newport and East Gate before brokering deals with the Leather Devils and Hell hounds, if these are unsuccessful he will be looking to bring them under heel through force.

Key Dice Pools

Street gangs: Seattle: 11

Combat tactics: 10

Small unit tactics: 11

Syndicates: 11

Leadership: 10

Intimidation: 10

Automatics: 11

Negotiation: 9

Stat Block

Bod Agi Rea Str Cha Int Log Wil Ess Edge
5 4(5) 3(6) 5(6) 5 4 3 5 0.6 5
Condition Monitor 11 (Physical) 11 (Stun)
Limits Social: 6 Mental: 5 Physical: 8
Initiative 10+2d6(4d6)
Skills Intimidation 5, Leadership 5, Automatics 6, Etiquette 4, Negotiation 4, Con 4
Knowledge Skills English N, Street gangs Seattle 7, Combat tactics 7, Small unit tactics 7, Syndicates 7

- Cyberware

Bone lacing (plastic) Standard

Datajack Standard

muscle replacement rating 1 Standard

Reaction enhancers rating 3 Standard

Smartlink Standard

Wired reflexes rating 1 Standard

- Bioware


Orthoskin rating 2 standard


Remington suppressor

Yamaha Raiden


Sleeping tiger

Synergist business line longcoat

Forearm guards


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Name Chips Owed/Owned

NPC who know this contact

Lucille Pinson

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