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Awakened Marksman
Player Vindicer
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. April 12th, 2032
Folder Link
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic - B
Skills - C
Resources - C

Character Information


I am an Awakened Marksman specializing in infiltration, subterfuge and assassination.


Ensuring the future of my daughter.


My earliest memory is the sound of rain striking rusted metal above the open door to the orphanage in which I spent my formative years. I never met my parents, and if it was not for my status as an ‘Awakened Individual’, I would have every reason to believe they were Mr. and Mrs. Jones, a pair of nobodies living in a suburb filled with people exactly like them.

And yet, I am Awakened, a talent I can neither understand nor explain. It is as much a part of me as the blood in my veins. Like an extension of my own desire, it folds itself in ways that have aided me in more ways and on more occasions than I could possibly count. From a gut instinct that has kept me alive in ways that defy explanation, to my preternatural aptitude toward firearms; every aspect of this power has contributed to my success, and to my survival.

Guns have always been of interest to me. I was never the strongest child growing up, and firearms allowed people like me to exert our will on those who were physically stronger than ourselves; firearms are the great equalizer. Thus, I endeavoured to expand on these capabilities, undertaking extensive training in pinpoint marksmanship, both at long range and short. I have always held a preference for more refined weapons, Pistols and Rifles. Ammunition is expensive, and why waste a dozen bullets when only one is necessary?

I began my illicit work shortly after ageing out of the orphanage. With no marketable skills beyond my capabilities as a gun-for-hire, it became clear I was simply one of many. If I was to become something more, something better, I was going to have to run.

The details of my history beyond this point are unimportant. With one exception.

I had not imagined for myself a future in which I would favour assassination contracts, and yet, that is what fate had in store for me, cruel mistress as she is. On the night in question, I had accepted a contract to terminate a family. I’ll be keeping most of the details to myself, but the targets included a pair of young twins, girls aged four. Planning and preparation went exactly as anticipated, without any cause for concern. Only, when I arrived to complete the contract, one of the children was missing; a fact I discovered after terminating the adult members of the household.

Faced with the concerning prospect of a failed contract, I was left with an unusual choice: Leave the child who was present behind and risk her vanishing into the system, or perform a kidnapping and confirm the kill at a later point in time.

Looking back, I am unsure why I believed that anything other than terminating the child immediately was the correct course of action. Perhaps it was a moment of emotional weakness, perhaps I saw something of myself in this child, I cannot honestly say. Regardless, I was unable to locate her sister in a timely manner. It was as though she had simply been erased from the Earth. Perhaps I was set up, perhaps I overlooked something obvious. What matters is that I failed my contract, and a bounty was placed upon my head.

During my search for the child’s sister, I discovered that her father had been an employee of Spinrad Industries, based in France. You may remember the Marseilles incident that nearly killed Spinrad Industries in 2051? I believe they had restarted these programs, and her father had been involved. The details remained beyond my grasp, but what little I did learn confirmed that those children were far from ordinary. So it was that I decided this girl, Cyren, deserved a better life than anyone else was willing to give her, and so she became my daughter.

That, was in 2066.

To this day, she remains unaware of her true origins, or the atrocities I committed upon her family. It is my greatest regret. Every time we move to keep the bounty hunters off my trail, she believes we are hunted by my victims. Little does she know how wrong she is, or how right.

Ego Exitus.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Big Regret - Personally responsible for the assassination of daughter's biological family.

Code of Honor - Will not kill children.

Consummate Professional

Driven - Daughter had a twin sister. Driven to find her, if she's still alive.

Mentor Spirit - Dragonslayer.

Wanted - Wanted by Spinrad Industries, for failing to complete the contract to assassinate his daughter's entire biological family.

Run History



Spinrad Industries

In Character Information


Abraham Townsend (Fake, Rating 4)


Male, Caucasian, pale, middle-aged.


Impeccably dressed, in a dark suit with well-kept hair and gloves.