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Move-By-Wire Blitzkrieg Adept/Sam
Stealthy Snipermans
Google Drive
Player /u/GenericUsername_9001
Metatype Elf Male
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Comments on Shadowgrid Profile "Unusually well-behaved and sociable for someone with a Wire." ~ Sysop

Out of Character Information




Character motivations

Narrative Significant Qualties

  • Drug Tolerant

While it is indeed true he is on a combat stim for his waking and waning hours, he has not yet succumbed to its malicious effects, and is in control of himself.

  • Exceptional Attribute: Magic

Despite his extensive and invasive ware suite, his body still clings to mana as a drowning man clings to a broken raft.

  • Restricted Gear: Move-By-Wire

Constant twitching and random spasms turn off most people from socializing.

  • Poor Self Control: Combat Monster

He has excessive difficulty breaking off from a fight. Whether it's the Kamikaze coursing through his veins, or the fear of admitting failure and defeat once more, this man stands and fights.

  • Insomnia (Basic)

Constantly having Kamikaze course through your system energizes you 24/7. This is not always a good thing.

  • Latest and Greatest

He will always strive to reach new heights. Even if it kills him.

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In Character Information

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Astral Appearance

Looks similar to his physical form, due to being an adept. It appears as an ethereal version of himself, with coursing mana constantly clashing and disrupting against his artificial nervous system.

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