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Face/Underworld Diplomat
Player /u/F00d4Th0ught
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. April 5th 2049
Folder Drive Folder
Sum To 10
Metatype - C(2)
Attributes - A(4)
Magic/Resonance - E(0)
Skills - A(4)
Resources - E(0)

Character Information


John Chance, aka Envoy,is a product of the streets. He gets by on a combination of skill and wits. Working as an intermediary for the syndicates and gangs he prides himself on remaining impartial throughout. One thing he can be relied on is that he will remain loyal to his team.

An edge monkey he can turn his hand to most things and often catches out the opposition due to this.

A Noir protagonist he's used to being put upon and outclassed/numbered at every turn.


  • To build upon his rep as a neutral and impartial mediator
  • To pay the rent at the end of each month
  • To be able to afford real whisky rather than the synthahol he's currently forced to drink


Like so many other children of the streets John Chance has no idea who his real parents are, or maybe were, and he doesn't care. Growing up he soon realised that he had a bit of a talent for getting other people to do things for him and for making sure that feathers weren't ruffled in the process.

He's spent his life relying on himself alone and regardless of how often he get's beaten down some he always manages to survive. Over the years he's fostered his talent into a marketable skill and offers his services not only as a negotiator to those who need one but also a mediator when 2 sides are unable to do so themselves. This has put him in some tricky situations and he has learnt more about the dark sides of Seattle than he ever wanted, or needed, to.

Of course the problem with being a mediator is that so often someone still feels hard done by at the end and John has often had to deal with the unfortunate fallout of such circumstances so whilst he would never chose it as a solution he is more than comfortable using and applying violence when it becomes necessary. His proficiency with it often surprising those who have come after him or ended up on the wrong side of him.

What all of this has taught him is that stabbing people in the back is never a good idea as life's hard enough as it is without making it worse for yourself.

John's a survivor and whilst he's never risen high he hopes to never fall so low he can't somehow crawl back out from under.

Narrative Significant Qualities

John Chance has always had a problem with authority and prides himself of being his own man (Alpha Junkie)

Having spent his life being crossed, lied to or watching those around him do the same to each other he's now never surprised when it happens (Cynic)

Whilst not the fastest in the world his ability to read people tends to give him the advantage when it comes to a fight (Adrenalin Surge)

Having mediated for many of the gangs and syndicates that operate throughout Seattle John Chance has seen and heard some truly terrible things which have led to nightmares which he's turned to both drink and nicotine to combat (Insomnia and Dependents Alcohol and cigarettes)

A product of the streets he works (School Of Hard Knocks)

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In Character Information

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Rating 4 Fake Sin - John Smith

  • Rating 4 Fake Licence - Conceal Carry, Drivers, Firearms, Private Investigator


Whilst not classically handsome John has the look of a man who has rarely taken the easy path that many find attractive. Standing at just over six foot he has unruly black hair, generally a light beard or stubble and green eyes. He often has a cigarette dangling from his lips.


John Chance is pretty much always dressed in a cheap suit, longcoat to keep the rain off and a fedora to keep his head dry.

Matrix Persona

Not one for doing anything fancy in the matrix John is happy to use the default persona of whatever device he's currently using to access the matrix

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