Elysienne Archembeau

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Elysienne "Daphne" Archembeau
Elysienne Real World.jpg
Mercenary For Hire
Player [1]
Metatype Dryad
Street Cred 53
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 19
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. August 9th 2054
PDF [2]
.por File:Elysienne Archembeau.por
Metatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - C
Resources - E

Character Information


Elysienne is like many in the runner community - lacking a permanent team, she is forced to take jobs on a contractual basis, often never taking part in the actual run. The reason is that her primary role is a negotiator, diplomat, and con artist. Many runner teams that lack an effective face contract her out to make the initial deal with the Johnson but she, herself, doesn't actually help them do the job. Instead she is paid a percentage of all the wages and profits gained by the team during the mission. Only sometimes does she help with the run itself - and she often wishes she could do that more often, assisting the team with overwatch, spellslinging, and recon and/or espionage.


Does any runner truly have goals beyond survival? Even if they do, are they really goals or just ... pipe dreams? Despite her genius level IQ (Logic: 6) she doesn't often think about future plans or where she sees herself in this or that many years. Survival is hard enough, especially when dealing with double-crossing runner teams who decide not to pay her the percentage she asked for. "Daphne," as she is known on the streets of LA, would like to accumulate a dossier of regular clients and perhaps even a permanent team, though she knows the latter is far more difficult than it would seem. If she is able to obtain a steady income in Seattle, only then can and will she begin thinking about the Big Picture of her life.


Elysienne was born and raised in a small dryad farm in Marseille, France hence she considers herself French in ancestry despite being shipped off to Los Angeles the moment she was old enough and trained well enough in the task she was bred for. Horizon quite literally bought her from the farm owners in Marsaille in an egregious act of "human" trafficking and put her to work in the Horizon arcology in Los Angeles - in the PR department, of course. She mastered her trade quite well and was frequently promoted despite her young age. She had her eye on becoming an executive, perhaps even the head of the department. Unfortunately, she quickly realized that being a dryad meant having an unbreakable glass ceiling over her head - she had gone as far as she could go; she would spend the rest of her life in a position just slightly above a wageslave, and she was just too young to stagnate for decades to come.

She began contracting herself out to local runner teams as a way to supplement her income. She became so good at her second job that it became her primary job. Quite often, she would trade her skills as a negotiator for training by runner teams who had the skills she was interested in - mainly abilities in magic, sniping, tactics, and lockpicking until she was at least as good as her trainers. Unfortunately, whenver she was invited to participate in a run, it interfered with her position at Horizon. Her attendence began to slip and she found megacorp discipline to be ... rather harsh. Especially when you have no family who might lodge a complaint. Especially when you're considered property of Horizon. So, one day, she simply walked out. That was it. She walked right out of the arcology with a couple of suitcases, got in her car, and left for the Emerald City.

In Seattle, Daphne managed to set up an impromptu residence in an abandoned hydroponic garden in the former Renraku archology (ACHE) where now she has a symbiosis with much of the pyramid. Though the place is barely tolerable given the occasional act of violence and some drug use among the citizens who live there, being in tune with that many people gives her a massive edge over anyone trying to locate her in her own lair. In the several months she has lived there, she has developed a somewhat mythical and mysterious reputation as the Ghost in the Garden, the Lady of the Wood, and other such names kids have labeled her with when they dare each other to enter her garden. She finds it all amusing and will sometimes even show herself if one child or teen is brave enough to come alone. While she would allow trusted runners to visit her lair, so far, she hasn't met anyone she trusts enough.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Linguist - She speaks English, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Or'zet, and Sperenthiel. It always impresses a Johnson when one can speak his own language.
  • Mentor Spirit - Dragonslayer. Good luck trying to get her to use the word "promise." She'll always refuse unless the circumstances are dire and it's a promise she has a reasonable chance of fulfilling.
  • Prototype Transhuman - As mentioned, she was born and bred then subsequently bought by a megacorp. She only ever had one purpose and the "farm" where she was raised made sure they had good stock for their clients.
  • Too Pretty To Hit - That's right, boys and girls. If you try to do her any harm, you just might find yourself lost in those huge almond-shaped eyes of hers, the long and lustrous lashes, the inner fire that seems so mesmerizing, it's like looking into pools of liquid beauty that ... okay okay! No wonder you might miss. And you may have even missed on purpose, though I'm sure you'll never tell anyone else that. Right, chummer?
  • Astral Beacon - Don't even bother asking her to do anything stealthy in the astral. You might as well send in a high school marching band. It would be less noticeable.
  • Glamour - How can anyone move like that? So fluid and precise, not a single wasted movement. Cats should be so lucky! And that voice, so filled with passion and emotion - one could find themselves crying, laughing, raging, and sighing within the same sentence. "I could listen to her talk all day about insurance premiums and I would never get bored." - Nesting Eagle, a shaman from NAN she used to run with.
  • Distinctive Style - One thing is for certain, few people who meet her will ever forget her. Her voice, her movements, her delicate appearance, and of course, her "soul wrenching" beauty often turn heads and imprints themselves on a person's memory.
  • Insomnia - She's one of those people who can't function until that first cup of soycaf. Catch her at the wrong time and she might be a wee bit grounchy. Rarely does she get a good night's sleep and spends time staying up late reading, researching, cleaning her gear or hanging around in Matrix runner havens
  • Prejudiced - While she's not a full-blown racist, if you're not elven or dryadic, you had best not screw up in front of her, say something dumb, come up with a bad idea, or insult her or she'll blame your entire race. Is that logical? Of course not, but logic doesn't care when you've been raised to believe you and your race are superior.
  • Records On File - She worked for Horizon and her records remain on file. She's not wanted - at least not yet - but Daphne figures that, sooner or later, Horizon might want her back and then they might start coming for her. She's really hoping to find allies and, even better, a permanent team to watch her back in case something like this happens.

Run History

Elysienne has been on many runs, too many to really count (though all have been home game runs, not online). None of them have been truly earth shattering, but all of the have thus far been successful.


While she was once affiliated with Horizon, she broke most, if not all, of her ties when she moved to Seattle. It's a brave new world for her now.


  • Contact 4 - Connection 4, Loyalty 2 - Swag (Forging): Introduced via a runner she did work for; "met" on a popular runner host to burn her old SIN and forge a new one. She's used him/her several times to obtain fake licenses valid in Seattle.
  • Al Green - Connection 5, Loyalty 4 - Shadow Services (FBI): Questioned by Al during her 2nd week in Seattle regarding a case she was only peripherally involved in, Al (single and looking) became somewhat smitten with Daphne, not an uncommon occurance among single men, but his bragging and somewhat deceitful nature hasn't warmed her heart. However, she keeps him around as a useful contact.
  • Jaden Aleyso - Connection 6, Loyalty 3 - Fixer: Met at a club one night in the hopes of working permanently for Jaden, but she backed down when she realized he was connected to the Mafia. However, he had claimed he coul find other work for him, but so far, he hasn't followed through.
  • Djinn - Connection 5, Loyalty 2 - Was once hired by Djinn to negotiate on his behalf against a rather greedy runner team. Since Elysienne saved him quite a bit of money, they became more frequent associates.




All of the people she could have counted on as allies are back in Los Angeles. In Seattle, she is on her own.


No allies, but no enemies either - at least none that she knows about.

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

The only "symbol" she has is the icon she uses in the Matrix - a large, verdant laurel tree.

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


  • Elysienne Archembeau (Legal National SIN from the independent city of Marseille)
  • Arianna Amedee (Fake SIN, Rating 4)


Standing only 5 feet 2 inches tall (1.6m) and weighing just above 100lbs. (47kg), she has a deceptively delicate look about her that would often give the larger metatypes like trolls and orks the impression that she would be an easy target; others may even mistake her for a child from a distance. She also possesses a rare recessive gene that gave her glossy raven-black hair instead of the normal fair-hair found with most dryads. She almost always wears it down and parts it so her left eye is quite often covered. She often adorns herself with high quality silver jewelry - necklace, dangling silver earrings, headband, bracelets, and even a silver anklet if anyone notices. It goes without saying that she is preternaturally beautiful - moreso than elves, even - and everything about her from her voice to her movements only seem to accentuate her perfectly proportioned and symmetrical good looks.


She usually wears well-made and tailored clothing, often adopting the latest fashions and trends. However, she does prefer dresses and gowns with flowing skirts as this type of clothing best represents a certain freedom that many fashions restrict. She's not afraid to experiment with older fashions, as well, even outfits from other time periods. She also loves jewelry and tends to wear a lot of it, but not to the point of being ostentatious or "over-done."

Matrix Persona

In the Matrix, Daphne appears as a traditional dryad from Greek and Celtic legend - a hauntingly beautiful woman with hair that matches the color of the season in meatspace. For instance, in the summer it is a deep, lustrious auburn with lighter streaks that almost resemembles the color of wood grains. Large almond eyes, elvin ears, and hair adorned with flowers and white eagle feathers. She wears a gown of deep green fabric belted at the waist with a silver chain that hangs loosely along her hips. Her persona often goes barefoot, as well.

Media Mentions

She has been mentioned in the past in media related to economics and megacorp relations - often this revolves around her negotiating a merger, preventing a merger, calming and soothing anger between companies, buy-outs, and other successful, media-worthy economic achievements, all on behalf of Horizon.

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