Eliminating the competition

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Eliminating the competition
LocationRedmond, Belview


Casualties and losses
5 Gangers


Threat: Low (Depending on PC actions)

Game type: Data Steal; wetwork

((Your Fixer calls you)) "Hello Chummer, I got a line on a job. This Johnson needs a little data extraction and a bit of wetwork. Should I send you his way?"


Runner were hired to Eliminate a up and coming gang that were moving in on a Triad territory and make an example out of them.

The Meet

The Johnson met with the runners in a bar that was a front for a Triad meeting place.

The Plan

The plan Started with breaking in and stealing data to acquire the location of the Gangers from a small new headquarters in Belview. Then go to the ganger hideout and geek them.

The Run

The Runner came up with an ingenious plan to knock out the NPCs with CS gas inside the news agency using a air intake for a HAVAC system on the roof of the building. After they were softened up by the gas the low level night security was a pushover to knockout leaving the runners open to scourer the office for the computer with the data on it they required for the run. Once they had the location for the targets they took a day to sleep on it then they traveled to Redmond to finish what they started. At first they had the drop on the ganger however unfortunately on of the gangers spotted them after answering nature's call. The runners seem to have the fight easily in the bag until Kera advanced on them a little too quickly and almost took a dirt nap for her troubles from a close range shotgun blast. Hydra acted fast to apply a Trauma patch saving her bacon. From there the rest of the gangers went down fast and the runners were successful.


Hydra woke a cranky Johnson and he released to the runners a ~8k Nuyen (per runner) bounty for five dead gangers and they received another 2k for data (per runner).

  • Purkinje Works For The People to convert 6,000¥ of her share into 3 additional karma.


10,000 Nuyen +5 Karma (extra for not killing guards)

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Purkinje's Report

This was my first run since leaving Cara'sir, and my first with the ShadowHaven. Téch, I can see why it's a curated network: I'm among some terrifyingly skilled runners here. I've got to live up to that standard.

We met the Johnson in Chinatown. Triad business, no surprise. A middle-aged man wanted us to take out a rival gang who's been muscling in on their turf, five people worth 4,000¥ a head. At this point, the others tell me over DNI that I'm the team's face and they want me to negotiate for better pay. I'm a con artist and not a contract artist, but I managed to talk the Johnson up to 5,000¥ a head. At least he paid for my lunch.

Our lead was an archived news story about the targets, written by some small-time journalist who'd worked out of an office in Bellevue some year or two ago. When I say small-time, I mean the office building barely looked over thirty meters wide. Their matrix security was strange. Their host was highly protected - it was running a firewall on par with ones I've seen used by well-funded local police departments and social media; on the other hand, their spider was running an Ericka MCD-1, which pissed me off so much I wanted to brick the thing just for being such a piece of drek gear. You'd think someone who can afford such a secure host could shell out the extra nuyen to secure the building, but I digress.

I image-linked all the icons I spotted, but none of them had the files we were after. Kera spotted another body on the astral - someone not running a device. Hydra climbed up to the roof and got eyes on the inside via a series of skylights. She pinpointed a room full of offline terminals. From there, it was by the numbers. There turned out to be an intake vent on the roof, so we bought a bunch of tear gas and came back later that night for a smash-and-grab.

Hydra fed the tear gas into the vent after we suited up. We waited for it to diffuse, masked up and kicked in the door. Hydra and Kera kept the security team down while I made for the terminals. I had the data approximately six seconds from when that door went down. I'm not exaggerating, those terminals were as poorly secured as the deck made to protect them, and they were right next to the entrance. We were in and out before they knew what hit them. Even downloaded all their files, which were rich in paydata. Let this be a lesson: spending top dollar on a powerful host is useless if your building security is drek. I searched the files while Kera slept off some drain. Pinpointed a location in a barrens on the edge of the sprawl where the gang was operating, got profiles on each individual target. Names, faces. Nothing stood out, but searches confirmed they were still operating in the area, and we could ID the bodies when it was over.

The next night, we geared up for war. I loaded my MP and went to the rendezvous. The place was even more out in the sticks than I'd anticipated; it had trees and grass. Hydra and I came in from the west, where I spotted a couple Meta-Links. Nothing worth our time. The place was dead, carronasto. At least I thought it was. All of a sudden, I locked eyes with some celé taking a piss on a tree in the middle of the night. It was one of our targets. I don't know how he saw me in all that darkness, but Hydra lobbed a grenade at the poor morkhan and caught a nearby tent on fire. Someone shouted, and four more gangers came crawling out of the woodwork (literally) with guns at the ready.

Right about then, Kera comes in on their flank with, and I shit you not, a motherfragging zombie. Everywhere it walked, the plants shriveled up and died. Nearby gangers shivered like they'd been picked up and dropped in the arctic circle. It was fragging fast, too; the thing was slashing at them with its deathly touch quicker than they could fight back. Hydra rushed in to lay down suppressing fire, but I wasn't about to get near that walking corpse. I stayed back and took potshots with my MP, which didn't seem to help much. Turns out I was shooting at a cyborg. I tried to hack her augs, but it turned out she only had cyberspurs, and her unnatural toughness was just drugs.

One of the gangers went down, and the rest started to get pissed. Someone blasted Kera with a shotgun, and she immediately went down. Hydra barged into the crossfire to slap a trauma patch on her, and I followed suit. There was too much lead flying and too little cover for them to stay alive. We came out on top. Hydra took a few hits, but her armor seemed to eat it. We loaded Kera into her vehicle, and I told it to send her to Hydra's street doc contact while we discussed what to do with the one ganger who was paralyzed by that damn zombie. We couldn't move him, so we called the Johnson to ask if they wanted him alive at all. Turned out the answer was no.

We got paid, and everyone lived to enjoy it. Between the wetwork and the paydata, we got 10,000¥ apiece, though I ended up donating a lot of that to the hospital in Tarislar and paying Tir Tairngire immigrants who were down on their luck. I like to spread to wealth to people in need. Overall, I'm pretty okay with how things turned out. I hope I can keep working this efficiently in the future.