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Out of Character Information


A broken, shattered husk of a psyche, still putting pieces together, perhaps always putting pieces together, but never fast enough, never just right.


Stitch together the broken husk of his psyche and brain.

Character motivations & Goals

Biocompatability (Cyberware) - No other man (without a type-O system) could stand alive with as much 'ware as this one has.

Exception Attribute (Strength) - It is quite possible he is the strongest person alive that no one would take issue with issuing a SIN to. Water Sprite - He is graceful and powerful in the water

Blank Slate - I can't even think of how to downplay this so it's not narratively significant, so you can probably figure it out. Borrowed Time - See above.

Narrative Significant Qualities


In Character Information

Dutchman is a cyclops of prodigious proportions, exceeding even the considerable averages of his metatype. His clothing is often translucent or transparent in parts, to reveal his skin underneath in tanned, metallic hues, appearing bronze in the damp of sweat or saltwater. His cyberlimbs are bronzed themselves, blending in with the rest of him while damp, standing starkly as a version of him that could be while dry. One large eye, not properly round, sits above his nose, with a single straight, twisting horn above it. No hair to speak of is found on his body, except for faint wisps on his natural forearm.