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(Everyone feels the drive to survive.)
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Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. April 4th 2058
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Metatype - X
Attributes - X
Magic/Resonance - X
Skills - X
Resources - X

Character Information


Iomhar "Drac" MacCiar is a hemoptetic rigger that specializes in wetwork.


Currently, the goals of Iomhar MacCiar are based around survival. This involves collecting enough Nuyen for rent, food, and most importantly, medication


Born April 4th, 2058, Iomhar MacCiar was immediately diagnosed with an pulmonary deformation known as Hemoptetic Asthma; a condition to which when exerted, causes micro hemorrhaging in the lungs. This hemorrhaging therefore causes the coughing of blood, possible pneumonia, and in extreme cases suffocation. Without medication Iomhar was expected to live for three years. It was at this point that his mother, a nurse practitioner at Algona Community Hospital, began to smuggle out medication for the child. She was able to support him for seventeen years. During this time, Iomhar developed a talent for electronics and automation. A childhood prodigy, he gained an internship at Mitsuhama Computer Technologies at age 14. However it was at this point that Iomhar's mother was discovered to be smuggling, and was sentenced to ten years in prison with parole in five. It was at this time Iomhar developed the nickname "Drac" after the vampire Dracula. Often rationing out what little medication he had left, Iomhar was always seen with a spew of blood exiting the corners of his mouth or nostrils. With the immediate threat at hand he quit his job, and began stealing, reprogramming, and turning drones to make a profit. However as time went on, his methods turned from simple theft, to targeting low profile drug gangs. He currently specializes in wetwork and elimination via drones.

Narrative Significant Qualities

-Impulsive: Through the false security of his drones, Drac has been known to make quick decisions that often end in a bloodbath.

-Obsession: Quite often, this Rigger is compelled to focus or devote his time to one goal at a time.

-Favored Target: Drac tends to prey on low priority gangers, often assaulting dead-drop locations to steal product or payment.

-Preferable Inactivity: Due to his medical condition, Drac tends to avoid exerting himself. Quite often in the middle of a battle he can be found fifty yards away in his Conestoga Trailer, controlling his drones while downing another cup of coffee.

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R4-Miles Kennedy


Lanky and extremely pale, Drac is recognizable for his black, unkept hair, and piercing blue eyes.


Often sporting just a hoodie and jeans, combat gear consists of a ballistics mask with EOD-like qualities.

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