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FLR Street Samurai
Sometimes the only way to save a life is to take one.
Player SG-101#8167
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. January 25th, 2043
Folder Doc's Folder
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


Area denial and flexible response with a side of Doc.


  • Regain his medical license
  • Open up a clinic for those who cannot afford medical insurance.


William Hartford was born in Newhaven, England to a pair of loving and supportive parents who worked their fingers to the bone to help support him. Their hard work set a tone that William strove to not only uphold, but surpass. Luckily his work paid off and when he graduated from high school he went to a college that focused more on the sciences. From there he graduated and went to a full blown university where he studied pre-med. Once he graduated from his university he found himself in med school and eight years later he had his medical degree and license.

Up until this point Williams life was incredibly straight forward if not a bit boring. So, it came as a surprise to William that being in the top percentile of your class wasn't enough to land him any sort of medical related job simply because he didn't know anyone. With no connections and only a piece of paper saying that he graduated, William had only one solid option. After two more months of job searching the poor doctor joined the United Kingdom Armed Forces, and with his M.D. was given the prestigious position of combat medic. Two and a half decades of continuous effort rewarded him with a wage slave job with the added benefit of extreme danger.

Giving up was not something William was capable of- it simply wasn't in his genes. Williams unit was instrumental in helping the poor sap learn how to release stress and just live life. In turn William kept his friends healthy- earning him the nickname 'Doc'. Army do what army do though, which is stupid drek, and one day during "toss the brick of C4" one of the boys called Doc over to show him a cool new trick. The private had gotten good at sticking the brick to the ceiling and then calling people over just in time for it to fall onto their heads as they were under it. Unfortunately this time the brick hit a light bulb, breaking it, which in turn set off the brick.

The explosion left William severely crippled- his arms and legs were too mangled to be salvaged. The Army of course paid for his recovery and limbs, but life just wasn't the same after that. For the first time in his life, William was lost. The broken man couldn't stand being where he was anymore so he fled the country and a couple of years of travel later ended up in Seattle.

The time spent traveling changed and doing odd jobs to make enough money to scrape by changed William. He was no longer the man he once was, and as such he felt like his name no longer suited him. Over time William started to answer the question of "What's your name?" with "Doc". Coupled with his expertise with medicine and track record of saving the injured- no one questioned him.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Strive for Perfection and Perfect Time: "What is the point of doing something if you aren't trying to do your best?" Is the motto Doc grew up with. "Best he can do" isn't good enough for Doc though- the man won't stop pushing his limits to squeeze out every last bit of potential he has. This shows itself in his skill with medicine and his skill with a gun.

College Education: "The more I know the more I know I don't know" was ultimately what Doc came to the conclusion of when he made the decision to go to med school after college.

Records on File (Evo): Upon graduating med school Doc applied for a job at an Evo owned hospital which is how they got his records. He was, unfortunately, not hired.

SINner (National) (United Kingdom): Doc was born in the UK and for a time served in the UK military before his life plopped him down in Seattle.

Poor Self Control: The pressure of trying to be the best at everything his entire life has been building up stress inside of him since his years in college. During his time in the military this stress came to a head and resulted in him taking actions that landed him without limbs and in Seattle.

Social Appearance Anxiety: Part of being a doctor is being clean, and if Doc isn't clean how can he convince people he takes his practice seriously?

Poor Self Control (Clean House): Similar to the above- Doc's abode must be perfectly clean as it is the minimum requirement for him to commit to any sort of medical practice while within it.

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SIN rating 4: Richard Kingsly, UCAS



Doc, despite his name, doesn't wear anything one would think a doctor (or a former doctor) would wear. The good doctor is often seen wearing his armored hoodie and UCAS BDUs while carrying a backpack. In addition Doc is always wearing a pair of gloves and shoes to hide the fact he has cyberlimbs. A particularly perceptive person would note that under all of his baggy clothing he appears to be wearing some sort of black material that covers his entire body. This is his dry suit which he uses with the full face mask stored in his bag to protect himself from gas attacks. It's not paranoia if you're a runner.

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3D Caduceus.

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