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Street Sam
Security Consultant, Team Dad
Player [1]
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. August 12, 2030
Folder [2]
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - A
Resources - B

Character Information


You learn a lot in KE. You learn how to watch your back, conserve your ammo. You learn how to shoot straight. Dirk can leverage his rep in social environments where KE features heavily (at risk of course), and has not forgotten how to act under pressure. He's a crack shot, tough as nails, and knows security like the back of his hand. He'll never admit to being Knight Errant though (regardless of what some minor probing might find).


To achieve financial security for his wife and his daughter.

To keep his running a secret from his wife and his daughter.

To get back into the corporate sector without anyone questioning his absence.


Dirk, born Daniel MacTavish, started life as a KE beat cop in Boston. His father had been a cop before him, and his father was a cop too. The MacTavishes were born and bred blue-bloods, and Dirk excelled in all fields of study. He was cool under fire, he took orders, and when he asked questions he asked the right ones. On the streets, he was an asset - and as a detective, he was usually the worst half of a pair. He wasn't stupid, but he functioned best when given a tight leash.

So KE shifted him to High Threat Response - and that's when the myths of Dirk started to propagate. It was the rare team that went up against a runner team and walked away the victor. And to hear Dirk tell it, he took down a reasonable share of hard targets. To hear everyone else on the force though, he was a legend.

Those legends followed him all the way to Seattle when KE managed to swoop up the contract. He moved, operating under what he assumed to be a fairly standard engagement clause. There would be a job waiting for him, and he'd get right back to it, give or take the costs of moving (although Ares did promise a discount if he moved into one of the many Ares sponsored neighborhoods on offer).

And this was where the problems started. He fell through the cracks. Bureaucracy is a hell of a thing, and it happens. Three months went by and the last of the movement pay evaporated and he didn't have enough money coming in to make ends meet. He was still bound to the Corporate SIN he was tied to - there was no changing sides in this war. He couldn't shop his skills around. Not legally.

So he entered the shadows, moving for the second time to a world that was eerily familar, yet incredibly different.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Legendary Rep (KE Patrol Officers: Seattle)

Word has a way of spreading and when a legend like Dirk hits the town, it's the scrubs that wind up talking the loudest. Everyone Detective or above has seen enough shit that the stories don't impress, or if they do, they know better than to chatter about it. But to the boys in blue, the ones walking a beat, the fact that one of them managed to make it so far and do so many incredible things is a point worth spending time yakking over.

Dependent (Nuisance)

Dirk's wife, Mariko MacTavish (nee Hamura) is a force of nature. She was a nurse practioner before she met Dirk, and after she managed to climb through the ranks as steadily as he had in his own chosen field. There is always work for her to do, even in Seattle after the transfer - though the work is volunteer-only until she stacks up enough clout to start bringing real money it. She is a lithe, thin-faced elf with a soft voice and a firm grip. She's one of the few women in Dirk's life that can keep him in check.

Dirk's daughter, Aiko MacTavish, is on the tip of puberty. Eleven years old, she still thinks the world of her father thanks in no small part to his constant doting. Mariko pushes her hard, but the two of them are always there for here whether it's a violin recital or debate-team practice, or even Dirk just picking her up from school and cooking dinner because Mariko had to stay late at the clinic. She is also an elf, and has inherited her mother's lithe figure and her father's bright green eyes. She is intelligent and cunning in the way of children, but her interests are starting to shift away from extra-curriculars and are being honed in on boys and popular music.

SINNER [Corp LTD] (Knight Errant)

You do the math, omae.

Run History

The Whims Of Fate - 09/06/2017

Description Incoming

Last One Out, Hit The Lights - 08/30/2017

Description Incoming



"Bulldog" Black is the opposite of Dirk in many ways - Dirk blends in to a crowd, Bulldog stands out. He's a balding man with a wiry black beard and a scar underneath his left eye. His fully chromed arm and leg are badges of pride that he earned 'walking the mean streets'. He hates new things, doesn't understand children, and would rather listen to pre-crash jazz and trim his bonzai tree than try.  He's hit the point in his career where his tenure has made him almost unfirable, but he's not capable of much more than sitting behind a desk. When the Seattle contract was bought up, he made the jump.

He and Dirk were patrolmen together and made the jump to KE Detective before Dirk decided High Threat Response was his calling. They have a friendly, jovial relationship, and Bulldog often covers for Dirk when he is out running by saying they are going 'bowling'.

  • Zer0 - Connection 3, Loyalty 2 - Trid-Pirate/Databroker

Zer0 is a rare breed. He loves elves.He loves anime. He loves the Japanese. All of these things have come together to create the perfect storm - a seventeen year old nova-hot trid pirate who thinks he's better than he is because of some indirect bloodline trace he paid to have done.

He doesn't speak a lick of japanese but pretends to. He's never met an elf in person, but pretends he has. The only reason why Dirk puts up with him is that he's not half bad at using the Matrix to pull information when Dirk can't do it himself. That, and in lieu of payment often times he accepts lurid stories involving Dirk's wife and her friends.

He's one of the few people Dirk trusts with this information. Because if word ever gets out that Dirk has a life outside of running, he knows exactly who's door to bust down.

  • Henrietta Lang - Connection 3, Loyalty 1 - KE Detective

Henrietta Lang is a KE Detective who was sent into the underground to investigate a missing person's case. She and Dirk know each other in the real and professional sense - one of his only contacts that know him as Daniel MacTavish. He'll have to be careful around her, but it never hurts to have another ear to the ground.

In Character Information